Roberts Library Update

Week of May 20th

Library Classes This Week

No chromebooks needed!!

Still looking for library books

Check here for the updated lost library book count.

Murray and Hill will receive their class surprise this week (popsicles)!! Who else can I add to the list?

Tech Team

Monday I plan to train a "tech team" of 4th graders. They will be trained to prepare your class chromebooks for the summer - clear off ALL profiles and clean the snot and boogers off of them. LOL!

When they come into your room, you are welcome to tell them you do not want help. Just be aware that if you do not utilize the help, YOU must get this done before the end of the week. If you need help on HOW to remove profiles, I will happily show you.

Technology Return to Library

Beginning Monday morning, you may start bringing your tech bucket down to the library to turn in. Please allow a few minutes to do so. I am required to check off each item myself.

Please remember: I do NOT want any carts this year. I am trying to streamline this process to avoid the mass confusion that happened this year.

Technology Luncheon

We will have our technology luncheon for those teachers who have earned it on Thursday after all students have been picked up.

I will come down the 3rd and 4th grade hall early this week to check your chart and see if we can badge you for things you have been doing this year!

Thank you to the FRJ Volunteers!

Thank you so much to Mrs. Crossler, Mrs. Stayton, Ms.Lenz, and Mrs. Riley for helping me out this weekend at FRJ. The event was a HUGE success and I appreciate you for helping with that!