Toll Gate Times

August/September 2019

Ms. Kristi Motsch, Principal

12183 Toll Gate Road

Pickerington, Ohio 43147


Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We are looking forward to seeing all of you and providing excellent educational opportunities for our children.

We would like to ask that you go to the Back to School Page on our website and review the forms now located online and follow the directions where indicated. Pay particular attention to the Emergency Medical Form, the Student Handbook and digitally signing the acknowledgement that you have read the handbook. A registration card will be coming home with your child on the first day of school. Please fill that out and return so we have the correct contact information.

Please make sure you have signed up in Infinite Campus for a parent portal account. You can start this process online by going to the top right of the district website under the “I want to” box. Scroll down to the “Access Infinite Campus” to start the process. By registering for a parent account you will automatically receive important school information, such as upcoming school events and cancelations due to bad weather. Our goal is to provide efficient communication to our school community. I would also encourage you to frequently visit Toll Gate Elementary’s webpage for current information of upcoming events. Our webpage can be accessed by going to our district’s website at Click “Schools” at the top and scroll down to Toll Gate Elementary. You can also join our Facebook page at TGES Facebook.

On behalf of our entire staff, we are honored to serve your child on his/her educational journey. Remember that together we can accomplish great things for our children!


Kristi Motsch, Principal

Toll Gate Elementary – Growing Leaders

Welcome Days

Toll Gate Elementary Welcome Days Grades 1-4 only

Thursday, Aug. 1 - last names A thru L only - 1pm-3pm

Friday, Aug. 2 - last names M thru Z only - 1pm-3pm

We would like to welcome you to the start of the 2019-20 school year!

This year, we will be holding Welcome Days, August 1st and August 2nd.

Welcome Days are designed to support families in completing all of the essential paperwork to help kick off a successful year for our students. On their designated day, parents will move through several “stations” to complete Emergency Medical forms, field trip permission, dismissal information, pay school fees, sign our device agreement and more! If you have already completed paperwork online (we strongly encourage this) then you will simply go through the stations to be checked off and you can receive homeroom assignment. After you have completed each of these important items, you will finish your journey with your child’s homeroom assignment in hand! Homeroom assignments will be mailed home if you can not attend one of the above dates.

Please note that Welcome Days are for completing paperwork only. This will not be a time to meet our staff or tour the building. We will also not have staff available to supervise children, so we recommend that only parents attend. Families will be able to tour and meet their teacher during our Back-to-School night, August 14th. Our goal for our Welcome Days is to allow parents to quickly move through each station but to also be available to answer any questions or provide assistance with our online forms. It would be most helpful if parents complete as much of the online information BEFORE coming to your Welcome Day. However, if you are not able to access this information, we will have computers here to assist you.

Station 1 - Cafeteria- End-of-Day Dismissal Form

One of our biggest challenges each day is ensuring the safe and accurate dismissal of all of our students. The end-of-the-day dismissal form will tell us how your child is to go home from school each day. We ask that you make every attempt to maintain consistency in your student’s daily dismissal to avoid confusion for our staff, and most importantly, your child. We do understand that emergencies arise and special circumstances may occur. In these situations, please contact our office staff (not your child’s teacher) so we are able to get your child home safely.

Station 2 - Office- OneView Account and Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Both of these may be completed in the comfort of your own home, prior to our Welcome Days. If you already have an account, parents can go on-line to: to update student information for this school year. If you do not already have an account, you may create a new one by using the same link and going to create an account. The OneView platform is where you will complete the Emergency Medical Authorization, Student Handbook Acknowledgment, Device Agreement for our one-to-one technology, and the field trip authorization form. You will not be able to continue to the next station until each of these is complete and verified with our staff. Again, if you have access at home, you may complete these prior to our Welcome Days. If not, we will have computers and staff available to support you, should you have questions.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal -

If you have not already activated the Parent Portal, please go to: to do so. The information you provide in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal is used to communicate news and information to parents (most often via email) so it is important that ALL information in the Portal is accurate and up-to-date. This information can be reviewed and updated any time prior to our Welcome Days or any time throughout the year that this information may change. The Parent Portal is also where you will see your student’s grades, attendance and school fee information. School fees may be paid through the Portal, prior to your Welcome Day, to avoid waiting in line! If you do not pay your student fees online or complete a fee waiver/free and reduced lunch form, you will need to pay them before moving on to your final station.

We accept cash (exact change), checks (preferred) or credit cards.

2019-2020 fees

KG = $19.00 First = $17.00 Second = $17.50 Third = $22.00 Fourth = $23.50

Free/Reduced Lunch Form:

Station 3 - Media Center- Homeroom Assignment and Back-to-School Information

This will be your final station where you will receive your student’s homeroom assignment. Please note that all other stations must be completed and verified by our staff, prior to receiving homeroom assignments. If you are unable to attend any of the Welcome Days, you may come to the main office on Back-to-School night to complete the information above.

We sincerely want to thank you for working with us to ensure that we have as much information as possible before your child’s first day of school (grades 1-4), August 15th and kindergarten August 21st.

We hope to see you all at our Back-to-School Night, Wednesday, August 14th.

If you have a friend or neighbor that did not receive this information, please tell them to email for a copy and update their Infinite Campus information to receive future information. Thanks for your help!

TGE Important Dates August/September 2019

Please join us for an Open House on August 14. In order to accommodate grade level presentations and parking, we ask for your cooperation with the following schedule:

Aug. 14 Back to School Sessions:

M-Z – 5:00-5:45 p.m.

A-L – 6:00-6:45 p.m.

You and your child will have an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and see the classroom. Teachers will also be making classroom presentations during the above times. We look forward to seeing you on August 15!

Aug. 15 First Day of School – Grades 1-4

Aug. 15-20 Kindergarten Assessments

Aug. 21 First Day of School (Kndg.)

Aug. 30 NO SCHOOL – Prof. Development Day


Sept. 06 Picture Day

Sept. 11 Two Hour Delay (start times below)

Grades 1-4 – 11:15 a.m.

AM Kndg. 11:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

PM Kndg. 1:55 p.m. -4:05 p.m

Safe and Orderly School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Bus riders will be loading and unloading in the back of the building. No cars should be parked in this area during the school day. Parents dropping off students in the morning may do so in the front of the building at the second set of double doors (by cafeteria). As you exit the school parking lot, please obey all stop signs. Please park in the front parking lot in designated parking spaces. Side parking is for staff only. Parents picking up students after school may pick students up at 3:55 p.m. in front of the school at the second set of double doors (by cafeteria). Staff will help load students in your car as you pull up in line. Children going to day care centers will exit and be picked up at the side of the building.

The traffic flow only runs smoothly if everyone follows the arrows & waits patiently. Inclement weather conditions will certainly impact dismissal time. We ask for your patience and cooperation in helping us dismiss your student directly to you in a safe and timely manner. During inclement weather, students will wait inside in the cafeteria, right inside the second set of double doors. Staff will assist students to your car as you pull up in line. Student dismissal procedures are usually finished by 4:15 p.m. If there is a change in the student’s normal arrival and dismissal routine, please write a note to notify the school; otherwise normal procedure will be followed. Please do not call the school for dismissal changes after 2:30 p.m. unless an emergency. Please remember students are not permitted to go to their classrooms until 9:05 a.m. Please do not drop off students early because supervision is not available before 8:55 a.m. Students must be in their classrooms by the tardy bell at 9:15 a.m. Please drop them off in plenty of time to walk to their classroom. We appreciate all your help and cooperation in helping us keep your child safe while at school.

All Kindergarten AM pick up (12:15) will be at the first set of doors (by office). Please park and walk your child to your car.

All Kindergarten PM drop off (1:00) will be at the first set of doors, (by office). Please park & walk your child to the front doors.

Back to School Forms

In an effort to begin streamlining the process of parents filling out mandatory back to school forms, Pickerington Schools has launched an online system. This system will simplify the process of filling out required forms for your children, because much of the information will be automatically imported from Infinite Campus and our student data system. For complete information, including instructions for creating your account and filling out forms, visit and click on "Complete Your Family's Required Forms Online."

School Visits

Remember, all school visits begin by signing in at the office first. This safety measure alerts us as to who is in the building. Please remember that if you would like to observe your child in their classroom, we ask that you arrange this in advance with your child’s teacher. This will help ensure that there is not more than 1 parent in the classroom at a time and will avoid scheduling conflicts. We also ask that you help minimize classroom disruption by not interacting with students or the teacher at this time. Audio or videotaping is also not allowed. We have a copy of classroom visitation guidelines in the office.



Please call the school if your child is absent. State Law requires a daily check of students who are absent. A 24-hour answering machine is available to receive absence or tardy calls. Please use this machine for all calls after 4:15 p.m. and before 8:15 a.m. The number is 834-6301. Homework requests must be placed by 8:30 a.m. in order to allow teachers time to prepare these plans. They must be picked up by 4:15 p.m. Please make sure that you make arrangements as teachers spend quality time preparing these materials. Please make yourself familiar with district policy regarding attendance. You can read more about excused and unexcused absences in the school folder.

Building Hours

Office Hours 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Student Hours 9:15 a.m. – 4:05 p.m.

Teacher Hours 8:15 a.m.- 4:15 p.m.

Kindergarten AM 9:15 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

Kindergarten PM 1:00 p.m. – 4:05 p.m.

Remember all school visits begin in the office. If your child is tardy or if they are returning from an appointment, please come into the office with them to sign in.

Behavioral Expectations

The emphasis at Toll Gate Elementary is on safety and learning. Each staff member works toward providing the safest and best educational environment for your child. Good discipline promotes an appropriate learning environment. We ask that each parent support this expectation of student behavior by encouraging their child to obey school rules. A list of rules is printed in the student handbook (please review these with your child). Behavior that interferes with the educational process cannot be tolerated. Your support will help promote the educational process. A copy of the district disciplinary policy is in the school office for parental review upon request.

Celebrating Birthdays

Please refer to our handbook for additional information regarding our policy. In an effort not to interfere with instructional time, and to accommodate medical concerns, we ask that you send in pre-packaged, non-food items that can be passed out for students to take home. Other ideas include a classroom book or game instead of individual items.

Safety Drills

Safety drills will be conducted periodically throughout the year. Fire drills will be practiced monthly, while tornado drills, lock-down, active shooter and medical procedures will be practiced during the school year. Each classroom is provided with a crisis management plan. These plans are reviewed with staff and with substitute teachers.

School Lunches - $2.75

Students can pay for meals in advance - up to one month. Money can be deposited into the student’s account with cash, check, or money order as the child is going through the line. No change will be given for a check or money order deposit. Money will be deducted from the student’s account when the student enters his/her ID number as they go through the lunch line. Checks are to be made out to Pickerington Food Service. If a student should forget their money, they may charge their lunch and bring the money the next day. A student may charge up to 3 lunches. After that, lunch may be denied. Detailed information and lunch account report are available to families through or by calling 1-866-542-4197.

School Fees

these fees online through your Infinite Campus parent portal account. This is the preferred way as no money or transactions need to pass through the office. If for some reason you are not able to pay online you can pay by check, credit card or cash in the school office or the district office. Please make checks payable to PLSD and note school fees and student name in memo section. For your convenience, fee payments may be made at Back to School Sessions on August 14.


GRADE 1 $17.00

GRADE 2 $17.50

GRADE 3 $22.00

GRADE 4 $23.50

Dismissal Changes

While we all know that consistency in important in a child’s life, it may become necessary to change your child’s dismissal plans. If you must change the way your child is to be dismissed, we ask that you follow the following procedures:

1) Send a note in advance to your child’s teacher. They will then inform the office.

2) Please allow enough time for you to come into the building to sign your child out. Students will be called from class to meet you in the office.

3) We ask that you do not call the office with alternate plans for your child. This causes interruptions to the classroom instruction and with over 600 students and 5 different grade level schedules; it takes an inordinate amount of time out of the school day. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Custody Counts

To serve the requirements of child custody order, a parent should present an official order to be placed on record for the guidance, attendance and administrative offices. Ohio Revised Code 3313.673 states for“…the custodial parent of the child shall notify the school of those custodial arrangements…” Our primary concern is knowing who is the legal custodian, residential parent, and knowing the answer to the question, “Can your child be dismissed to a non-custodial parent?” Schools are obligated to follow court documentation regarding the rights of a non-custodial parent.

Safe School Help Line Available

Pickerington Local School District has taken a proactive approach to assure that students are able to learn in a safe, friendly environment by offering them and their parents the availability of the Safe School Help Line. The Safe School Help line allows students/parents to anonymously report wrongdoing and have this information reported to school officials. The toll free number assigned to our school district is 1-800-418-6423, ext. 359. When you dial this number, you will be instructed as to how to leave your information. We hope that any information, which could negatively impact our school, will be reported, so that the staff can respond in an appropriate manner to keep our schools safe for all students.

Staff Changes

The following staff additions and changes for this year are:

Mandy Brown – Duty Aide, Susan Whittington – Duty Aide, Debra Dorst,- Duty Aide.

Tammy Bader – EL and Maria Nibert – Parapro We are pleased to have these dynamic individuals join our TGE team

Nurse Notes

Nonprescription medication such as Advil, Tylenol, and cough drops may be administered to students if the parent sends in the medication (in original container) along with written permission for the medication to be given. Dosages cannot exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations for age and weight. (i.e., We cannot administer medication to children under 12 if the label says: “Do not administer to children under 12, except under the direction of a physician.” We need to have a note from the doctor in order to give a dose of medication that is different than the dose stated on the bottle.) ALL MEDICATIONS, PRESCRIPTION AND NON-PRESCRIPTION, MUST BE SENT IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER.


State law and District policy require written proof of every student’s immunization status. Any student who does not meet the minimum state-required immunizations or exemptions within the first 14 days of school attendance will be excluded.

Behavior rating Checklist Procedures

Periodically throughout the year, parents request information regarding their child for doctors, psychologists and other professionals. Please note the following guidelines, when requesting information from teachers, counselors and administrators. All requests for teachers/counselors to complete behavior ratings, narratives, etc. must be handled through the guidance office. A written release must accompany the request. Included must be student name, parent signature, phone number, date and the name and address of the physician/agency. This release should be returned to Darren Drake. The parent should also provide a pre-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. The counselor will mail the completed forms directly to the doctor, etc. Copies of the completed forms will be kept in the guidance office should you want a copy. Allow at least two weeks from the time the counselor receives the form (s) to the date the physician/agency needs the material. Identify, specifically, which teachers are to complete the forms (core academics/special areas such as physical education, art, etc.) Should each teacher do it independently or should the information be completed in a team meeting? Parents should provide enough copies of the behavior rating, etc. for each teacher who is requested to respond.

If you have questions, please call Darren Drake at 834-6300.

Volunteer Information

Dear Parents,

Providing a safe and secure environment is our number one priority. In keeping with this standard, the Board of Education has recently approved policies and procedures regarding volunteers. Volunteers who do not have unsupervised contact with students, such as VIP’s, book fair volunteers, field day volunteers, etc., must fill out and sign the volunteer application and code of conduct. Volunteers who have unsupervised contact with students, such as weekly reading helpers, field trip volunteers, etc., must fill out and sign both forms and have a FBI background check. Additionally, all PTO officers will have a background check.

If you are volunteering and need a background check, the following procedure will be used:

1. Turn in the Volunteer Application and Code of Conduct forms available in our office or online.

2. The building principal will review the forms and send them to our Human Resources (HR) department requesting a background check if needed.

3. Our HR department will contact you through email for an appointment time. Please do not contact them as they are providing this service for the entire district. They will ask you to bring with you your driver’s license, social security card, $25.00, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Background checks are valid for a period of five years. Any volunteer who has had a FBI background check within 12 months from the date on the application can attach a copy of the certificate to the volunteer form. Upon background clearance, the HR department will mail a copy of the FBI result using the self-addressed stamped envelope and notify the building principal.

This information will be kept in a database and is considered high confidential.

These policies and procedures are meant to improve the safety and security for our students. Forms are available in our office as well as on the district website at Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Kristi Motsch, Principal

Pickerington Local School district Calendar 2019-20

Key dates on the calendar include:

  • August 15: First Day of School (grades 1-12)
  • August 21: First Day of Kindergarten
  • August 30: No School, Teacher Professional Development
  • September 2: No School, Labor Day
  • September 11: Two Hour Late Start, Teacher Professional Development
  • October 11: No School, Teacher Professional Development
  • October 17: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 21: No School K-8 Only, All Day Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 22: No School Kindergarten Only, All Day Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • October 24: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • November 5: No School, Teacher Professional Development
  • November 27-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • December 11: Two Hour Late Start, Teacher Professional Development
  • December 23-Jan. 2: No School, Winter Break
  • January 3: No School, Teacher Record Day
  • January 17: No School, Innovation Day (Teacher Professional Development)
  • January 20: No School, Martin Luther King Day
  • February 12: No School, Teacher Professional Development
  • February 17: No School, Presidents Day (unless needed to use as make-up for calamity day)
  • March 5: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 10: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 11: Two Hour Late Start, Teacher Professional Development
  • March 23-27: No School, Spring Break
  • April 10: No School, Good Friday
  • April 15: No School, Teacher Professional Development
  • May 19: Last day for Seniors
  • May 22: Last day of School (K-11)
  • May 23: Graduation Day!