Forged By Fire

Liset Ramirez

Story Elements

Forged By Fire takes place in Cincinnati (town) during the present. The main conflict in the story that Gerald lost a person who he loved the most. He has to live with his mother and sister and step dad. The book begins with Gerald being three years old and being in a fire. His mom left him there. Did he survive? Pick up the book to find out what happens!

Character Analysis

The main character is Gerald. Three words to describe the main character are hardworking, cares, and nice. The character is motivated by his aunt Queen, she took care of him after his mom left him. He is also motivated by his sister, Angel, he loves her so much. I like the main character because he is really nice and hardworking. He cares so much for his sister Angel. He stands up for himself when Jordan is being mean. The relationship between Gerald and Angel is that they are brothers and care about each other.


The theme of the novel is everything happens for a reason. One example that supports the theme is when Gerald was in the fire, he was meant to be with his aunt and not his mom. Another example is when his aunt dies and Gerald has to move in with his mom and step dad after like ten years. A third example is when Angel was being touched by Jordan and he goes to jail for that reason. A final example that supports the theme is when Jordan is in the fire with Angel and Gerald, Jordan had to die for a reason.


Teens can relate to this novel. In the book, Angel is being "touched" by her dad. Some teens go through that and they can relate to Angel. Also teens can be abused by parents. Like when Gerald was when Jordan will hit him.