Wildcat Weekly March 21st-25th

Last week before Spring Break!

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Thank Yous, Acknowledgements, and Applause

  1. A dear friend and former colleague of Arkansas passed away last week. Though I never personally met Gloria, just listening to Dorothy share some stories, I am certain I would have been fond of her. Some of our colleagues will be out at noon on Monday in order to pay their respects and we will all send Gloria's family and friends love and light.
  2. We had 29 of 31 complete the TELL survey so we will receive donuts on April 4th! What a great way to come back from break.
  3. I want to thank everyone for being open-minded in regards to yoga. I hope you were able to take something away from the experience.
  4. Thanks again to Pre-School, Kinder, and Dorothy for that fantastic luncheon last week. Yummy, yum, yum!
  5. I appreciate all of you being flexible during PARCC testing so we will have a Coffee Bar set up in the lounge Friday morning. You all are the best darn staff around.
  6. I would like to acknowledge that right now, June Borkowski and Ryan Esgro are beating me in the NCAA pool and MAMA AIN'T HAPPY. Here's hoping the lose a few crucial games this weekend.
  7. Tuesday, March 22nd is National Goof Off Day. Enough said.
Recording #5

MARGO is alive on the VLC

I am certain Ryan will do a cartwheel when March is over and the VLC returns to it's original purpose...for now, take a minute to look at the pictures and smile. Whoever thought that competing for $300 could be so much fun?
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Housekeeping Items--Please read because it is a busy week!

  1. Due to PARCC schedule adjustments, we will celebrate Honor Roll certificates in classrooms. Folks, that gives you a reason to celebrate the end of the quarter, the day before a break, the end of PARCC, etc. For each kid receiving an honor roll certificate, we will send along a treat. We will also have a few friendly competition games for students to complete. I will explain more on Wednesday but be open to an hour of building-wide fun on Friday.
  2. Dress for Success falls in line on Friday and it was an idea from some teachers. Get all dolled up for the last week of testing and Honor Roll. Look fabulous, folks and join in on the fun.
  3. Popsicles for 3rd-5th grade --I will have them for students on Friday due to their amazing chutzpah during testing.
  4. Game Night is Wednesday and so far we have 100 people joining us. Popcorn will be served along with some pub mix and what not. If you have not yet decided to bring a game or join us, please let me know ASAP. I will have Dorothy send a list of who is coming on Monday.
  5. Kinder Poetry Jam--Kinder is having a poetry session from 1-2pm on Friday in the gym. They are inviting parents to join in on the fun. If you volunteered or would like to volunteer to bake cookies or buy cookies, would you please send the amount you're covering to Shelly ASAP. We want to make sure we have 22 dozen cookies. That's easy peasy if 11 of us make two dozen!
  6. Roar Chips--Due to testing madness, we did not collect Roar Chips. We will do so Friday morning. Our apologies folks.
  7. Testing Calendar--Make sure to check your email for Kevin's new calendar. Four more days to go!
  8. Fundaiser in on Wednesday--if your students ordered chocolate, it will be here on Monday for an after 2pm pick up.

Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Inspiration--"The Dash"

It's just a small amount of ink and it goes unnoticed by most. It's a tattoo on my hand that simply reads "The Dash" and for some reason, when I thought to myself, "What should be this week's video" this instantly came to mind.
The Dash by Linda Ellis