Onondaga Lake Cleanup

Cleaning for a Future By Connor 5 and Donovan 32


Just how polluted is Onondaga lake? Lets just say enough to have us be cleaning it up since 1992. Onondaga lake has been polluted since salt production in the area started. The company know as Honeywell is responsible to cleanup the lake using state of the art technology. Cleanup is anticipated to be done in 2016. But what exactly will the cleanup process take?

The Steps for The Cleanup

First Honeywell is planing on preventing the contaminants from the old industrial sites from migrating into the lake. Second they are going to relocate the waste or material to an approved designated area and cap other selected sites of Onondaga Lake. Thirdly Honeywell is planting around the lakes shores and tributaries to help recreate local wildlife. Forth afterwords Honeywell is responsible for monitoring and maintenance of the lake.

Honeywell and The DEC's Goal for The Lake

Honeywell and the DEC got together January 4, 2007 to have goals to make the lake clean. First is the protection of the environment and human health. Then to meet the performance standards of DEC and EPA. Next is to fix the habitat so the fish and wildlife can have happier lives. After they will create bigger public areas and recreational activities. Finally to have the lake naturally recover by creating the correct conditions.
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Honeywell's inside look at Onondaga Lake clean-up

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This clean lake is an example on what Honeywell's vision for Onondaga lake.


Recently we went to Onondaga lake on a school field trip. We went to the Honeywell visitor center and talked to Craig Millburn about Honeywell's vision for a clean Onondaga lake. He told us first they are dredging the lake. Then they said the would be capping it with sediment. Then they would reintroduce the plants and animals to the environment. Then me also went to the Salt museum and they talked about how salt production happened ant what it was used for.