News From the Nest

Week of 9/14-9/18


Next week we will continue to use read aloud books and independent reading time to introduce and practice routines of Reading Workshop. We will learn why and how we have book discussions with classmates and how to use evidence from the text to support our points during discussion. We will also discuss how we will be storing thoughts about our reading in our notebook. Students will record reflections, connections, questions, and predictions about their reading.

DEB Block

Next week we will begin DEB (Differentiated Engagement Block). Our DEB time is from 8:25-9:10 each day. During this time students will be broken into small groups to focus on reading comprehension skills at their reading level. For the 1st quarter, all groups will work on the skill of finding key ideas and details. DEB is a separate time of day from our actual reading block.


Next week students will continue their personal narrative that we started planning for this week. Their story will be about a small moment they've experienced with a person or pet, or at a place. We will spend Monday drafting and then our focus will be to make sure we are using a storyteller voice instead of summarizing what happened. Students will create voice by adding dialogue and details to tell their story bit by bit.


We began guided math this week. During guided math students are in a group of six students following a rotation of math centers. Below is a brief description of each center.

Mini Lesson: A quick lesson to introduce what we will be working on. A mini lesson occurs when a new skill is introduced. On days when a mini lesson is not necessary, we will do a warm up activity to get our minds ready for math.

Teacher Center: Students work with the teacher on what is being taught that week. The work done is differentiated based on understanding of the skill at that point in time.

Math Journals/Independent Center: Students work on problem solving in their math journal.

Math Game Center: A game or activity to practice math skills being taught

Technology Center: Students will practice fact fluency or skills using a website on the computer (XtraMath, IXL,, etc.).


  • Reading Log due on Monday
  • There is no school for students next Friday (9/18)