ACS Room Moms

Jan - Mar Updates

WELCOME TO 2014!!!

As we start a new calendar year, we are wrapping up another school year. It seems like after Christmas we are in May before we realize it. There are a few things going on between now and March that we will need your help with. I am going to outline them below by month. Remember, I am not asking you to do this yourself, but rather put the info out to your classroom parents and acquire volunteers. If you can help also that is GREAT!!

For Fury's Ferry Campus Room Moms, please look for an email from April Hylton.


Mrs Parker has asked me to secure a volunteer to coordinate this year's Art Fundraiser. Preparations would need to begin immediately. It is mostly coordination as an outside company provides all the instructions and resources. If you would be willing to help out with this, please email me back ASAP and I will put you in touch with Mrs Parker.

JAN 2014


The Lunch Room will be preparing the food for this event, but I will need a few volunteers to help out that morning. I will need 4-5 parents to help out with serving the teachers and then I will need 2 parents to handle Main Campus Car Line & 4 parents to handle "Hall Duty".

Please email me back if you or your classroom parents can help out as I will need to provide a list to Mrs Lowery of those assisting in the ELEM car line and hall way.

MARCH 2014

March 14 Various Times- TEACHER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON (* note date change)

This is a Catered Event held on Main Campus. For this you will need to secure 2 parents to take your class to lunch so that your teacher can attend the Luncheon.

Please email me back and let me know who will be covering lunch for your teacher. I will report this to Mrs Lowery.


We will need about 6 - 8 parents to assist with serving water and marking shirts for this event on the main campus football field.

Please email me if you or your classroom parents can assist with this event.

Thank You - Thank You Again For All That You Do!!! - Niki