Week of 09/21/15

Vanguard: By The Numbers

This was an incredible round of applications and interviews for the Vanguard team. Here are some facts to give you a better sense of how we've changed!

  • Before this round: 11 fully-staffed schools & 20 schools with NO Vanguard
  • After this round: 42 fully-staffed schools & 6 schools with NO Vanguard
  • Northeast LC - before: 57 members ~ now: 83 members
  • Northwest LC - before: 33 members ~ now: 55 members
  • Central LC - before: 31 members ~ now: 58 members
  • South LC - before: 31 members ~ now: 79 members

Vanguard at GaETC!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the members of Vanguard selected to present at GaETC! We are so excited to have such an amazing amount of members sharing their knowledge.

Be sure to let us know who you are and what you're presenting! We'd like to create a list of our Vanguard sessions!

Make sure that you've registered using the directions sent to you at the beginning of the month by Carla Mendes. If you have been accepted, have already registered for GaETC and are listed as the main presenter, please email Carla to let her know so the registration fee can be reimbursed.

#fcsvanguard Twitter Chat

This week's chat will be hosted by Marcus Borders, Stonewall Tell ES. Marcus will lead us in discussing Using Google as a Teacher's Aid (Outside of Student Support)! Spread the word and join the chat!

Don't Forget to Conduct Your TIM-Os!

Be sure to start conducting your observations. Visit. to log in. Use your Fulton County e-mail and 123456 if this is your first time in! If there is someone missing from your school list or folks that shouldn't be there, let me (Heather) know! Thanks!

Need Some Nearpod Help?

Sign up for a WebiNear to get free support! Visit for leveled support!

About Us

The Vanguard Team is a group of educators dedicated to furthering the meaningful integration of technology into instruction through coaching and support.