Republic (Presidential Democracy)

"Where citizens come first."

About Presidential System:

This form of government is ran by executives that are elected by the citizens so the people choose who they want to lead the country. It is made up of different branch but the power of checks and balances keeps one branch from complete control of the government. Each state/ province is assigned with electors that represent both houses of congress.



There is no such thing as a perfect government. In fact this type of system includes some weaknesses. Though the president runs the whole country, laws can not be passed without the say of congress. Popularity of a candidate does not guarantee them the win of an election. In fact "swing" states receive the most attention.


Some strengths of a presidential system is that it prevents separation of power. One branch of government does not overpower the others. The system also prevents a victory based solely on urban areas. It also helps maintain the nations federal character. Discouraging third party groups helps leave the nation with just two since it seems more stable.