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Boro HS Pinterest page

In an effort to bring new teaching resources, iPad apps, and helpful information to both faculty and students on a daily basis, I have created a Media Center Pinterest page specific to Pt. Boro High School. For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, it is a virtual bulletin board where I can "pin" websites, videos, and images from around the internet into different categories on our high school Pinterest board. Once on our site, you can check out a board specific to your subject area or browse through some of the other categories that I have established. Be sure to check out the "teacher resources" and "collaboration and presentation tools" for some new technology ideas or lessons to integrate into the classroom!

I will be adding new sites and ideas to our HS Pinterest board daily, so be sure to bookmark the page so you can frequently check back. Also, if you have a personal Pinterest account, you can simply become a follower of the Boro Media Center boards!

Great Tool for Reaching Out to Parents, Students, and Athletes

Remind101, a safe way for coaches to text parents and/or students. Students and parents must enter a code in order to send/receive text message from their teacher/coach. They are not able to text the teacher back as it is a one way broadcasting system and teachers can not send a text to only one student. Teachers can not see students' numbers and students can not see the teacher's number. It is a safe and effective way to stay in touch with parents or remind students about practice, a cancelled game or to turn in their physicals!

Give Google a Break

Below is a list of search engines that you can trust! They will give you reliable and factual information that can be used for research purposes. Sometimes students can get lost in the world of Google and without proper web site evaluation skills, students can be reading misinformation or inappropriate sites without even realizing it. Come on, give Google a break already!





iPads are synced and ready to go for your classes! Many new apps have been added and I can continue to add as many as you want, just let me know! If you find an app you would like that is not free, don't hesitate to ask! Check out our Pinterest board "iPad Apps" for some cool new suggestions for your subjects!

One Stop Shopping for Research

Don't forget to check out the HS Media Center web site for databases, helpful web sites, and weekly blog posts!