Gymnastics Is Life!!!

What does it take to get to the olympics?

All about me!!!!

Hello my name is Aireana Phillips and i am a sophomore at F.L. Schlagle High School. My hobbies are dancing, cheer, volleyball, softball, and gymnastics. I have been involved in sports since the age of 3. When i was 3 years old that's when i was introduce to the pageant world and i won many titles. and i stop at the age of 4. And that's when i start in gymnastics and ever since then gymnastics and cheer has been my passion. when i get older and graduate i want to go to the Olympics for gymnastics but i always have back up plans which is to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. Also on the side of that i also want to open up my own dance studio to teach kids about the arts. One of my role models is Gabby Douglas because she motivates me to keep pushing to reach my goals in life!!!

Essential Question

What does it take to become an Olympian gymnast?
I chose to write about this topic because gymnastics is my life. Gynastics has been my favorite sport since i was young. I chose to write about the olympics because when i get older i want to go to the Olympics and win the gold , but i want to know what it takes to get there from here and i am very motivated to get to where i want to be.

Explnation of my topic

I already know that it takes hard work and dedication to get to the olympics. what i hope to gain from this research is what it takes to get to the Olympics because when i graduate i want to go to the Olympics for gymnastics but first i need to know what it takes to get there. and i hope others can gain a lot from this too especially if they have the same goal as me and if they have a dream that they want to accomplish in life.


"I hope this medal inspires kids to put down the guns and knives and pick up a pair of trainer's instead." - Erick barrondo . A- I think that this quote says a lot because like young kids today worry about gang banging and getting into trouble instead of staying focus in school and being motivated. C- this is encourages me to live my dreams and never be afraid to take risks . Because if you don't go and shoot for your dreams you will never get to live them in time. so i would just say go for it be determined and do what ever it takes no matter what your dream is. Like my dream is to go to the Olympics and win the gold as the nest gymnast and i am very determined and focus just to do that.
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