Engine Pressfit

Alex Kampen

Software and Machines Used

Software: Autodesk Inventor, 123D Make

Machine: Universal Laser Systems

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Why would this product be desirable to consumers?

It would be desirable to people because of the detail and design. It is a interesting piece of art make of cardboard which can be displayed. Possible consumers would be anyone who likes automotive pieces.

What obstacles did you face? What would you do differently?

I originally made a car that maresh didn't like because it wasn't detailed enough. To overcome this obstacle I restarted my project and made an engine. I made the engine as detailed as possible in the time given. If I were to start this project again I would have started with the engine.

What were you proud of on this project? What did you learn?

I was proud of the detail that was put into the inventor part. It was interesting so glue all the layers together because it was like a puzzle. I learned that the laser cutter can't cut as detailed as the inventor file due to material used.