Nicks poems

By Krispy Kreme (Nick Hall)

BMX-simile and metaphor

I love to ride my BMX bike.

I ride it on warm days.

I ride on my home made redneck ramps.

I built them my self out of wood bricks and metal.

I love to ride my BMX bike.

The color of my bike is green as a pepper.

It is shinny as a new coin.

My bike is AWESOME!!!

It has no brakes.

I like it better.

The wide back tires help me on different tracks.

My favorite place to ride is on dirt.

I can do burn outs because of the back tires.

BMX tricks -limerick

On my BMX bike I do the pizza man.

I like to pop a wheelie.

It's really no big dealie.

When I come in I have to use my fan.

Puppies -Couplets

The puppies fight.

Their sharp teeth bite.

They play quietly at night.

Under the yard light.

Assassin's Creed 3-Haiku

You can hunt and play.

The setting is in Boston.

It is for X-Box.

SSSSSSSSSS's - Alliteration

Sally sits softly in snow.

Swiftly she sings on Skype.

Sally sings about Santa the Snowman.

She sees soap sitting in the snow.

Fire Teaches -Personification

Fire teaches kids not to play with it.

The flames are many colors of yellow, orange and red.

The smoke looks like white bushes in the sky.

The flames feel like hot steam in your eyes.

My eyes water like I am crying.