Budgeting my money!

California the place to be for Googlers

How much money I get a month and where I work

For my monthly income I get 4,640 dollars a moth with tax. I work at Google and it is so weirdly googly. I have many wishes and this is one I wanted.


I pay $900 a month. its not much but it is just enough plus i'm going to be a t work like all day.

My First Car!!!!!!!!

My car is a Volkswagen 2011 GTI. It is a great car. I refuel my car two times a moth. That costs $60 a moth. ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love me life!!!!!!!!

Food and household items

I will be using $103 a month for my grocery's (bread taco shells taco fillings and more) and $50 for my house hold items.(toilet paper blankets chairs)

Telephone/Cable/Internet/and cell phone.

For all of these together it costs $95 a month. But for Telephone/Cable/Internet it costs $70. For the cell phone by itself it costs $25 a month. Its like the best thing ever.
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My electricity and heat is $75 monthy all together


I don't spend so much money monthly for cloths because i don't need anything expensive or nice cloths. So because of this i only spend $50 on cloths

Entertainment and Misc

My entertainment is $200 because i want like a $200 TV because I don't need anything else because i'm going to get a Chromebook at my job for free and i'm going to spend most of my time at work. My misc is $1000 because I might have to get a new tire or something like a break in and I need to get some things that where kind of nice to have that i liked.

My total expenses and leftover money

My total expense was $2990.48. My leftover money was $1649.52. (Not to shabby)

Thank you for listening!!!!!!!

Thank you for listening I hope you like this video.
Google interns' first week