Life of Jermaine

By: Mohammed Almaroof

Bathroom Break

April 2008, 8:35 PM, Mr. Koult was awaken of his sleep due the extremely loud noises of the kids upstairs, from the laughter he can tell it was just another prank. Mr. Koult was always a nice guy, he barely ever get mad at kids, especially orphans, but this time was different. This made an already long and tiring day even longer. Mr.Koult put his glasses on, stomping the stairs on his way up, the kids were never even close to being afraid of Mr.Koult, but the look on his face can scare away the strongest man you know. The laughter immediately stopped. There was a noise coming out from the bathroom, somebody was locked in there but Mr.Koult was too focused on whoever did this. “Who the hell did this!?” ,He said, “Come out right now or all of you will be grounded immediately!”, the noise from the bathroom stopped. Everyone in the room became silent, and you can almost feel the fear floating around the room.

Jahovas Witness

Rewind fourteen years before that, a normal afternoon in the Wilson household. The father, Robert Wilson just came back from his shift in the local Chicago airport working as a security manager. The mother, Christina, called him in for lunch, she made his favorite, home made macaroni and cheese! The family were having a simple conversation about their day, Christina was sharing about the most beautiful, most romantic valentines day roses she saw at the grocery store. Robert was in the middle of his story about the man who surprised his girlfriend today in the airport when a knock came from the door. Robert asked who it was and two men answered in a excited voice “Jahovas witness!” Robert was already thinking about the excuses he needs to make to avoid this situation, but when he opened the door the two men came rushing in, one man pointing a gun at Roberts head and the other on Christinas head.

Valentines day

“If you scream or make unexpected moves I will blow your brains out!” the first man said, “Now this can go really easy and non-violent, you, fat man, go get us all the money you can find!” Robert went down to his bedroom, with a money bag in his hand while being escorted by the second man, the other was collecting everything from the house he can fit in his 3 large sized bags. Robert was isolated with one of the men in his bedroom, he found his old Swiss knife he got from the army. Robert took his opportunity and attacked the second man. “Kam!? You good!?” the first man said, “Kam you need some help!?” the first man took Christina by the neck and used her as a bodyshield as he slowly walked to the room. He saw the second man stabbed to death. Robert, hiding behind the door, hit the first man with the door but the first man was able to get to his gun before any of the couple to do anything, he shot both of them six times. The man escaped from the window. A few seconds later, the four year old Jermaine Wilson who just came back from the day care, walked in to see both his parents shot to death. He had red flowers in his hands with a white card that says “To Mother and father, the greatest people in the world. Happy valentine’s day!”

Family friends

Jermaine was then moved to uptown Chicago, to an orphan house where he will probably spend the rest of his teenager life. A couple years after the incident, a family friend visited Jermaine in the orphanage. They felt like Jermaine needed to know the truth. They explained to him that, his real family left him when he was a child. They don’t really know why they left or where they are. The family that Jermaine stayed with were actually his fathers brother family. They gave Jermaine a box of old stuff left by them, it contained old boxes of junk, his parents old toys, collectables, books, etc.

New Life, New Journey

Jermaine didn’t care for any of those things except for one, an old necklace, it appeared to be a wedding gift. It was heart shaped and when you open it, both of his parents wedding picture are on each side. Ever since that day Jermaine never took that necklace off ever. He kept it because he didn’t think his family left, he believed that his family died. They must have a good reason to disappear. He kept it on to remember them or maybe even in case he finds them somewhere. Jermaine started on his own journey, to find out what happened to his parents. He didn’t have any family left, atleast any that he knows of. He tried every family friend, they don’t know neither. He tried libraries, phonebooks, everything, he couldn’t find a thing. But Jermaine never gave up, until he knows what happened.

Orphanage Life

Life in the orphanage was very simple. The orphanage was a colorful, huge building that looks like a school. It had a basektball court and a 40 yard long field. With drawings of red roses on the walls. Jermaine gets up, eats breakfast, goes to school, comes home, eats lunch, take his pills, play basketball, do homework, eat dinner then sleep. That was his everyday life. Jermaine was always an outcast his entire life, even though he was one of the best athletes around and well known around the city, he never really had much friends. During his first year in the orphanage, he was forced to take pills because of the mental issues that Jermaine had due to the incident. Jermaine never attracted families to adopt him. Theres only one family that considered adopting him, but after inviting him home he couldn’t get the idea of having a family other than his own through his head. He refused the adoption and always ruined his chances of adoption.

Father figure

Jermaine met Mr.Koult, the owner of the orphanage. He was like a father figure to Jermaine, he always protected him, he was always by his side. Jermaine knew that no matter what happens to him he always had Mr.Koult to help him. But he never let Mr.Koult to really get close to him. He never expressed his feelings to Mr.Koult. The only time he ever told Mr.Koult how he feels was when he was mad at the Bull’s terrible draft picks.

The friendship

The kids never talked to Jermaine. When he first came they invited him to play together, but he was so depressed from the incident that he didn’t want to socialize at all. His only friend was a kid named Josh. Josh and Jermaine was the same age, with the same interest, same characteristics, even almost same background. They met during Jermaines first year in the orphanage, Jermaine saw Josh sitting by himself at lunch as usual, and he introduced himself to Josh. Ever since then they became bestfriends. Jermaine never seen Josh talk to any of the kids, actually he never saw him even talk to Mr.Koult! Jermaine always thought that Josh isolated himself because he was scared of people. Both of them always looked out for each other ever since they met. They became the best of friends. Every time they talk, hang out or do anything together, the kids at the orphanage would laugh at them. Jermaine thought that the kids were also scared of Josh since they never make fun of him, only make fun of Jermaine. Mr.Koult was always there to protect Jermaine, but he didn’t care for Josh neither.

The come-up

Jermaine has grown to be one of the best athletes in state. During his freshmen year in high school he became the number 1 basketball player of his class in the nation. In his Sophomore year he had a chip on his shoulder, to win state championship. During his sophomore summer league he met a freshmen named Christian Wilson. These two were also very alike, their style of play, their physical traits, both tall and skinny. And they looked exactly alike. Jermaine liked Christian and he didn’t find any trouble guiding him. Chris always looked up to him as an older brother, his go-to person when he needs an advise. First it was strictly basketball conversations but that quickly built up to be general life advises. They became very close to the point where Jermaine opened up about his story. Chris felt very bad for Jermaine and thought it would be good for Jermaine to feel like he has a family, so he invited Jermaine for thanksgiving with his family.

Thanksgiving dinner

Chris’s doesn’t have any close relatives, they all died before he was born. He only has he mother and father. On Thanksgiving evening, the four of them sat on a medium sized round dinner table. The table was a gift, given to the family from the Chris’s grandfather. The table was made by a Turkish farmer back in the 1916’s. The Turkish farmer made this table as a gift for the Arabs in the Arab revolution. He made it when Arab Bandits walked into his house and threatened to kill his family, but the farmer made them a beautiful table that saved his families life. It was passed on and on until Chris’s grandfather bought it from an auction (he loved collectables, just like his son). The family had a normal conversation, Jermaine suspected that he has seen Chris’s parents before, but his memory failed him to remember. He also felt a little uncomfortable but that all went away when he opened up about his story. The mother and father were very shocked, the looks on their faces was like as if they have seen a ghost. There were tears in their eyes. The mother quickly rose up and gave Jermaine a hug, and called him “Son”. Jermaine finally felt like he belonged, first time in thirteen years.

Home Sweet Home

Later on he excused himself to take a bathroom break, the house was decorated with so many family pictures. Every wall was filled with pictures. Even the bathroom! On his way to the bathroom, he was looking at all the pictures he came across. Until he came across one picture, the parent’s wedding picture. Jermaine opened his necklace, and realized it was the same picture. His head was spinning. He didn’t know what to say. “Is this, you guys?” he asked, and he quickly hid his necklace. “Yes! That’s our wedding picture! Way back ago. We both had a necklace that had this picture in it, I still have mine but my husband lost it somewhere in our old boxes that we left back home” the mother answered. Jermaine approached the father, and punched him right in the jaw. “You coward.” He said, then slowly left the house. Chris was helping his father while the mother was yelling at Jermaine to stop and come back.

What dosent kill you makes you stronger

Jermaine was very strong. Ever since the incident, nothing could get to him. Neither did this. Jermaine didn’t cry at all, he already felt unwanted all his life, this isn’t new. He didn’t understand why they left him. He couldn’t trust anyone but Josh from now on. The very next day, After Chris’s parents explained everything to him, he tried to apologize after practice but Jermaine didn’t want to hear a word from him. Jermaine became determined, to make them regret everything they did to him. He wanted to show them how much they’re missing out on. That year he won state championship, he became an NBA prospect. He invaded the world of sports immediately. But nothing changed about how people treated him. After the state championship game, Jermaine didn’t even celebrate, he was hurt by the scene of Chris and his family. That was all he was asking for from life, a family. Real love. The closest things to love were basketball love and the love he had for Josh. But he never belonged, anywhere. He was always an outcast, even in his so called “family”.

The end

Jermaine started considering suicide. The next day, in the orphanage, the kids his age played a prank on him, they hid his pills. Jermaine started his day, spent a lot of time looking for it but he gave up, thinking that it was probably somewhere in his school locker. He spent his entire school day thinking about his life, why is he here? Whats the point? After practice, Chris and Jermaine were the only two left, they were waiting for their rides to come, it became late and dark, and no one was left but them two. Chris tried to apologize again. Jermaine took out his uncles Swiss knife, the knife that he kept in his pockets the last few days in case he was ready to leave. Chris started backing off but Jermaine is way too quick and strong for him, Jermaine stabbed him six times. He started weeping. Chris had a tear in his eye, then he quickly passed away. “im so sorry… im so sorry…. They took away what I loved most, and ill take away what they love most….im so sorry…. I love you little brother…” Jermaine said. The he held his hands. Then Jermaine started running as fast as he could back home. When he arrived at the orphanage he quickly entered the bathroom and started crying, he took his necklace and flushed it down the toilet. Josh started knocking on the door. Jermaine let him and explained everything to him. Josh tried to calm him down, but Jermaine was freaking out. Both of them can hear the other kids laughing at them from behind the door. Jermaine started crying, then he stabbed Josh six times in the chest, he began to cry “Im sorry! Im so sorry! I love you…” he cried, then Jermaine ended it all. The seventeen years of agony. Long suffering. It was time for all that to end. Jermaine went away quickly and quietly. Mr.Koult opened the door after pounding on it violently many of times, when he opened the door he found one body, Jermaine’s, with a Swiss knife straight in his heart.

The letter

In the Chicago’s post office, there’s a old message dropped on the floor by mistake, it says “From Nelson Wilson to Jermaine Wilson.

Son, I’m very sorry, I never wanted you to find out that way. Please read this letter, it will explain exactly what happened:

Me and your mother had you at a very young age, we loved you, never stopped loving you. But we couldn’t afford to have you. We didn’t have no money no job no shelter nothing. My family forced me to give you to my brother, Rob. I still see you everyday but they take care of you while I go try to find a job. After I found a chance to work in uptown Chicago, I wanted to take you with me but my family didn’t let me take you. They thought of me as a loser, a nobody. I cut off all ties with them and got in a big argument to take you with me, with us. But they wouldn’t let me, they said they would sue me for the baby and say that we couldn’t supply for you. We had no chance of winning, so we were forced to leave you. We tried to come back but we couldn’t find any of the families. Please forgive us, now that youre here, I want us to be together again. Ill make it up for you I swear, just forgive me.

From: Nelson Wilson

I love you son.”