Bray Family Blast

Week of December 5-9, 2022

Unlocking Every Longhorn's Potential

Message from the Principal

Greeting Bray Families,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to welcoming all of our scholars in the morning! Shout-out to our PTA board members and volunteers for serving hot chocolate and cookies during Literacy Night, updating the PTA bulletin board and decorating our campus' Christmas tree in the main hallway to welcome in the holiday spirit! We are so appreciative of our PTA and board for all you do for our scholars and staff! Also, we want to thank all of our families and scholars who joined us for Literacy Night!

Door decorating contest winners: 3rd Place-Ms. Downs door 2nd Place-Mrs. Snow's door &1st Place-Mrs. Sipriano's door! Thank you to everyone who participated in deck the halls!

Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for giving our teachers a Gift of Time!

We have set aside Dec. 6-7 as Gift of Time for teachers before the winter break, and we have a few spots left to fill. If you're available to assist Dec. 6 or 7, please click the link below to sign-up! Thank you in advance for your kindness and our teachers are very appreciative.

Gift of Time Dec. 6-7 Link

We have 9 days with scholars before the winter break. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us filled with learning and fun! Thank you for working in partnership with us to ensure scholars are present each day and ready to learn as we bring this semester to a close.

Shout-out to our 3rd-grade parents and scholars for having the highest attendance rate for the second week in a row at 97%. Our current campus attendance rate increased last week to 94% from 91% prior to the Thanksgiving Break! Our goal is to maintain a 97% attendance rate weekly. We are moving in the right direction! Remember to please send a note if your scholar is absent. Let's meet our goal this upcoming week! I

Attendance-Week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2


K- 93%

1st - 94%

2nd -90%

3rd - 97%(Winner Again!)

4th - 95%

5th - 94%

Campus Total-94%


I hope you find the information in this newsletter helpful. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call our front office at 972.291.4231.


Dr. Amanda McCarther



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Calendar Dates *New Dates in Bold

  • December 1-15: Scholars currently enrolled in a choice program must complete their intent to return form found in School Mint (See additional information below)
  • December 5-Progress Report Grades are Posted (Hard copies will go home)
  • December 5-Bray Musical @ the PAC
  • December 5-Holiday Dress-up Day-Wear Reindeer Gear or Antlers
  • December 6-7-Gift of Time (Thank you Parents for Volunteering)
  • December 6-Holiday Dress-up Day-Wear Red, Green and Denim
  • December 6-School of Choice Interest Meeting (For incoming families)
  • December 7-Fundraiser Game Truck (Fundraiser Incentive)
  • December 7-Holiday Dress-up Day-Dress like a Candy Cane-Wear Red and White
  • December 8-Last Day of Tutoring for the Semester
  • December 8-Holiday Dress-up Day-Wear Your Favorite Christmas Scarf
  • December 9-STEM Club Friday
  • December 9-Holiday Dress-up Day-Wear Green or Grinch Attire

  • December 12-14-DCCAs for 2nd-5th Grade
  • December 15-Winter Parties
  • December 15-Holiday Dress-up Day-Polar Express-Wear Your Holiday PJs
  • December 16-Campus Planning-NO SCHOOL FOR SCHOLARS

  • December 16-Jan. 3-Winter Break

School Mint Intent to Return Form (Dec 1-15)

Parents who wish for their child to remain in their current program of choice at Bray must indicate their intent by completing the Student Information Form in SchoolMint. A lottery application will appear after the Student Information Form has been submitted, however, completion of the lottery application is not necessary for returning students. The Student Information Form must be completed in SchoolMint between December 1 and December 15, 2022. The system will not prompt you with a YES/NO Question. We will assume that you have completed your intent to return by submitting the Student Information Form.

Here are the instructions to complete your Intent to Return:

  • Step 1 - Click the link below to access SchoolMint:
  • Step 2 - Create a new account in SchoolMint
  • Step 3 - Complete the instructions for Student Look Up
  • Step 4 - Complete the missing information
  • Step 5 - Click save and exit

Please note: The lottery application will appear next, but you do not need to fill it out. Also, the system will not prompt you with a YES/NO question for intent. By submitting the Student Information Form, you are indicating your Intent to Return as YES.

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After School Clubs

Vocal Motion-Mondays (3:45-5:00)

Art- Mondays (3:45-4:45)

Dance-Wednesdays (3:45-5:15)

Tutoring-Tues. & Thurs. 3rd-5th Grade (7:35-8:05 or 3:40-4:40)

Holiday Dress-Up Days for Scholars!

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Calling All Dads

Calling all Dads! There's an opportunity for you to be involved with your scholars and make an impact!

Where's the need? Assisting with morning arrivals or afternoon dismissal. Assisting with Lunch or Recess monitoring.

Time needed? It only takes 15 to 20 mins of your time!

What happens next? Just show up, be present, and make an impact!

Just a little time can make a difference! For more information, please contact Mr. Geroge McGrew at

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It is vital that scholars are at school every day. According to compulsory school attendance, students are required to attend school 90% of the time and should not miss more than nine days of school per semester for a total of 18 days for the year. When scholars are absent, send a note to the school indicating why the scholar was absent. If absences are due to COVID, please communicate with our school's nurse aide.

We will recognize individual scholars for perfect attendance and classes with the highest attendance rates. Classes will receive a trophy, tangible rewards, and bragging rights! Please help us with this by bringing your scholar to school on time every day. When scholars are not at school, they miss valuable classroom instruction. Please note: If your scholar is sick, please keep them home; however, please send a note when your scholar returns.

Winter Break with Right at School

Right at School will provide care for Winter Vacation if at least 25 students sign up for any number of days over the break. However, if at least 25 student registrations are not received by December 9th, the camp will be canceled.
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Reoccurring Information

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House Party Friday!

House Party Friday is a time to celebrate the successes of all the Houses! We announced the House who earned the most points from last 6 weeks! We celebrated scholars from each House who had Perfect Attendance, All A's, and All A's/B's. We also celebrated teachers for Perfect Attendance and exceptional work towards our school mission. Then, each House showed Courage and Excellence by showcasing their new House chants and cheers, and we ended the day with House Games where representatives from each House competed against one another! It was loads of fun!
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Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

This year, our Counseling Services Department has partnered with a number mental and behavioral health programs to offer free and/or low cost services for our scholars, staff, and families. We have listed some of these services below. If you are interested in any of these offerings, please reach out to our front office, and we would be glad to assist you.

  • Care Solace - Will help families find mental health care providers
  • Hamilton Counseling and Consulting - In-school face-to-face option for scholars
  • Lifeologie Cedar Hill - local face-to-face option at discounted rates for staff and scholars
  • TCHATT - In-school virtual counseling option for scholars only
  • Listeners On Call - Confidential phone option for staff and families only
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Passion Club Friday!

Passion Club Friday is a time set aside for every scholar to engage in a co-curricular activity that supports social and emotional development and compliments the academic curriculum. Teachers and staff lead these clubs based on their personal interests and passions, and scholars have an opportunity to select the Passion Club of their choice. Ask your scholar today what Passion Club they are a part of! They had an absolute blast last Friday!
Every Friday, we celebrate the House with the most points from the week. So far, the Green House of Courage and the Purple House of Honor have won, which means the scholars in these houses had the distinction of sitting on the decorated stage for lunch! They absolutely love this time to visit and strategize with their House Mates.

Stem Friday!

During STEM Fridays, your scholars get the chance to focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) tasks and challenges. They get a challenging problem that takes a mix of communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to solve, and the best part is scholars of all ages (PK-5) get the opportunity to participate! STEM careers are on the rise and these Fridays give our scholars good exposure to these future opportunities.

What is Bullying?

Bullying occurs when a student or group of students engages in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on school property, at a school-sponsored or school related activity, or in a vehicle operated by the district and that:

  • Has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or of damage to the student’s property; or

  • Is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a student

Student conduct is considered bullying if that conduct:

  • (1) exploits an imbalance of power between the student perpetrator and the student victim through written or verbal expression or physical conduct; or

  • (2) interferes with a student's education or substantially disrupts the operation of a school.

Bullying may include:

  • Hazing

  • Threats

  • Taunting

  • Teasing

  • Confinement

  • Assault

  • Demands for money

  • Destruction of property

  • Theft of valued possessions

  • Name calling

  • Rumor spreading

  • Ostracism

This information is taken from HB 1942, Texas Education Code §37.0832

Updated Info for School Bus Riders

ZPASS cards have been issued to all campuses. Students who have received their ZPASS cards should start utilizing them immediately. Those students who were not issued ZPASS cards should give their names with their student ID number to the bus driver. Transportation will verify address and registration and issue cards to scholars. For questions regarding ZPASS, please check our FAQ page first which can be found on our district transportation website.

Parents may begin downloading the SafeStop app, which allows them to track their child each time their child boards and exits the bus, as well as the location. Students will purchase replacement cards through the MyPaymentPlus app. Once Transportation receives payment, a new card will be issued to the school, who in return, will distribute it to the student. If a scholar misplaces their ZPASS card, until a new one is purchased and issued, scholars must obtain a Temporary Scholar Bus Pass, which is issued from the campus. After 30 days, the Temporary Scholar Bus Pass can not be renewed if given due to a misplaced ZPASS card.

Helpful Links:


Transportation website

School policy on inappropriate physical contact

At the beginning of the year, campus expectations for behavior were shared in an effort to inform you of what we are teaching your children. We commit to regularly sharing such information so that you can partner with us to support a safe and secure environment at Bray.

Because student safety is of utmost importance, district and campus policy regarding inappropriate physical contact is clear. The Cedar Hill ISD Student Handbook advises students to avoid conduct that is likely to put the student or others at risk and to follow all behavioral standards set forth in the Student Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct or those set by district employees.

The Student Code of Conduct (p.10) prohibits the mistreatment of others, including:

  • Engaging in a fight or scuffle
  • Engaging in inappropriate verbal, physical, or sexual conduct directed toward another person

For the above reasons, Bray students who hit, kick or otherwise engage in any inappropriate physical contact with another student will be subject to disciplinary consequences. Currently, hitting, kicking, and horse-playing are considered a Level 2 Offense, punishable with In-School Suspension among other consequences. Inciting a fight or participating in a fight are cited as Level 3 Offenses with the possibility of Out-of-School Suspension and alternative school placement among other consequences.

If you have any questions about this information, please reach out to one of our campus administrators.

Cedar Hill ISD Student Handbook

Cedar Hill ISD Student Code of Conduct

Bray House System

In a house system, all students and staff members of a school are divided up into groups called houses in order to increase positive school community and culture and to reinforce campus academic and behavioral expectations. Additionally, students learn the importance of building character and earn points for all the good choices and actions they take.

Students will be divided into the following Houses:

  • Red House of Love
  • Orange House of Excellence
  • Yellow House of Friendship
  • Green House of Courage
  • Blue House of Loyalty
  • Purple House of Honor

Additional benefits of the House System:

  • Being a part of a smaller community helps students acclimate quickly to their school environment and experience an immediate sense of belonging.

  • Students have a set of staff mentors they can go to.

  • Students have an opportunity to interact with students from all grades.

  • Increase opportunities for student leadership.

  • Reinforces our campus essentials and behavior expectations.

  • A source of positive peer-pressure and motivation that can have a positive effect in the classroom and at school.

  • At monthly meetings or rallies, students will have opportunities to enjoy creative expression, physical activity, and social engagement.

PTA is for Everyone!

Partner with us this year and become a PTA volunteer! Forms and an envelop for your membership dues will go home with scholars this week. Membership is only $10 per person and all family members can join PTA. Follow this link to Join Bray PTA.
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Lunch with Scholars

Currently, visitors are not allowed in the building during the day due to our COVID protocols (this includes lunch time). However, families are allowed to drop off lunch for scholars to enjoy during their lunch period.

The Blueprint 3.0 that contains our district's COVID protocols and processes. Below is an excerpt from the blueprint regarding visitors. This document can be viewed in its' entirety on our district website and using the link below.

The Blueprint 3.0

Visitors (The Blueprint 3.0 page 5)

● Cedar Hill will follow the Dallas County Health codes for

Covid-19 levels. If the level reaches red, we will not allow

visitors on campus.

● With the primary focus of safely keeping schools open, the

district will continue to limit visitors, volunteers, and activities

involving external groups or organizations as much as


● The district’s visitor protocols will be reassessed at the end of each month.

Birthday Celebrations

We look forward to celebrating every scholar's birthday at Bray and make it a point to acknowledge every birthday during announcements. We have also begun giving small treat bags to our scholars on their birthdays. Parents, if you wish, you may send store-bought snacks to school on your child's birthday (e.g. cupcakes), but we are asking that nothing larger than that be sent. Please also communicate with your child's teacher ahead of time so they can make preparations and let you know how many scholars are in your child's class. Our campus policy on parties is listed below.


Parents are not allowed to celebrate birthdays during instructional time, not even the last 15 minutes of the day. Parents are also not permitted to celebrate students’ birthdays (with cupcakes, ice cream, etc.) in the cafeteria during lunch periods, (Consider instructional time, religion and health concerns.) We are allowed three days for student celebrations during the school year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Valentine’s Day). Parents will be allowed to bring store-bought snacks that can go home with scholars at the end of the school day. *Student celebrations are subject to change based on board approval.

Right at School

Right At School is an on-site before and after school program that works well for our families who have work and other obligations that conflict with the normal start and end times of school. Currently, Right At School is offering a discount through August 31st for signing up. For more information, please visit

Car Tags are Required

Issuing car tags is a precautionary measure we take to ensure the safety of all of our scholars. We began distributing car tags for car riders on Meet the Teacher Night this past Thursday. Beginning August 15 on the first day of school, you can also pick up a car tag from the front office for your scholar. Bring your ID as we have to verify information before we distribute car tags. Make sure your car tag is in your window during dismissal. If you do not have a car tag on the first day of school or any day thereafter, you will need to park in the parking lot and come in the building to present your photo ID.

Tardy Accounting

Scholars are considered on time if they arrive by 8:05 a.m. Scholars are considered tardy if they enter the building at 8:06 a.m or any time after. Parents must accompany scholars who are tardy into the building to sign them in for the day. The scholar will receive a tardy pass and then proceed to class. When the scholar has reached 10 tardies, he or she will be required to serve 1 hour of Saturday School to make up for lost instructional time.

Meal Changes Letter to Parents

Please click the link below to learn about the changes to our school meals.

Letter to Parents

Building Positive Culture

One of our main goals at Bray is to ensure that every child has a positive, welcoming place for learning each day. Last week, teachers focused on building positive relationships with their scholars and teaching building expectations. Our teachers did such a wonderful job with this and so did our scholars! We believe this is so important to Bray being a safe and fun learning environment for all. Please follow the link below to view our campus expectations for the hallway, cafeteria, restroom and playground and join us in reviewing these expectations with your scholars.

Refillable water bottles and Snacks

Please send your scholar with a refillable water bottle each day. Since the pandemic, water fountains in schools have been replaced by contactless water stations so a water bottle is needed.

Also, lunch times range from 10:30 to 1:00 so scholars will be allowed to have a mid-morning or afternoon snack, depending on their grade level schedule. Please feel free to send your scholar with a snack each day if you choose. Some teachers may also choose to create a snack schedule where parents rotate sending in snacks for the class each week.

School Supply Lists

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Tardies, Arrival, and Dismissal

Arrival: Doors open from 7:45 a.m. to 8:05 a.m. If a scholar arrives before 7:45 a.m., they are expected to remain in front of the school until the doors open. They may sit on the pavement under the awning, on the bench, or they can choose to stand until the doors open. They should not touch the windows or doors of the building or block entry into the building for staff. Breakfast will be provided until 8:05. Additionally, if you park in the parking lot during the morning drop off, we ask that you walk your child through the parking lot and to the crosswalk so that we can secure his or her safety.

Right at School: Scholars enrolled in the Right At School program may enter as early as 6:30 a.m.

Tardies: School starts promptly at 8:05 a.m., and instruction begins immediately following the morning announcements. Scholars are considered tardy if they enter the building at 8:06 a.m or any time after. Parents must accompany scholars who are tardy into the building to sign them in for the day. The scholar will receive a tardy pass and then proceed to class. When the scholar has reached 10 tardies, he or she will be required to serve 1 hour of Saturday School to make up for lost instructional time.

Dismissal: There are four modes of transportation for dismissal: car riders, walkers, bus riders, and daycare riders. Please refer to the map below for an outline of the multiple lines of traffic Bray families take along city streets during school dismissal. For this reason, parents cannot walk to the front door to pick up scholars. When parents walk to the front door, it delays dismissal procedures. Therefore, we ask that you stay in your car to expedite dismissal procedures.

Dismissal will begin at 3:35 p.m. Parents/guardians must present a car tag to pick up scholars.

Car riders

For the safety of our scholars, we must verify the identity of anyone who picks up a scholar without a car tag. If you do not have a car tag to pick up a scholar during dismissal, you will be asked to park and go to the office for an ID check. Please take a picture ID into the office, and someone will assist you.

Additionally, we begin dismissing scholars at 3:35 and continue until 3:55. This time will change after the first several weeks of school. Scholars who have not been picked up at 3:55 will be escorted to the foyer at the front of the building for pick up by a parent or guardian.

Daycare and Bus riders

Bus riders will dismiss from the library. Daycare riders will dismiss from the door by the gym.

Walkers will dismiss from door 18 and meet the crossing guard at the intersection between Roberts and Bennett Road. Walkers must use the crosswalk to cross the street in order to maintain their safety. Parents/guardians may meet scholars at the crosswalk where the crossing guard stands when we dismiss them. PreK-1st grade scholars must have an older sibling or family member with them to walk home.

**Parents & guardians: If you do not want to wait in the car line during dismissal, you can elect for your child to be a walker, and meet him/her at the intersection between Roberts and Bennett Road where the crossing guard stands. Please be sure to cross the street to collect your child so he or she does not have to walk through the parking lot on their own.

Thank you in advance for adhering to these procedures and processes.

We will continue to work diligently to streamline all arrival and dismissal procedures. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the front office at 972-291-4231.

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Changes in Transportation

Early Release of Scholars from School

Parents/guardians must sign out scholars who need to go for an appointment in the main office by 3:15 p.m. Scholars will not be released from the office after 3:15 since this is transition time for us.

Changes in Transportation

If there will be a change in how your scholar will go home, please call the front office and email your scholar's teacher by 3:00 p.m. This will ensure that your scholar gets home safely in spite of changes and in the manner you choose.

**If your child is a bus rider and you want to allow him or her to exit the bus with another scholar on the bus, you must provide a written note outlining the change in your child's transportation. The scholar will give the note to his/her teacher, and the office will ensure he or she receives a temporary bus pass. Be sure to include the dates that you would like the change to be implemented. Temporary bus passes are valid for 30 school days.

**If you are wanting someone to pick up your child who is not on the approved list in Skyward, you will need to communicate this to your child's teachers and Ms. Amadi, the campus secretary via email by 3:00 pm. In this communication, you will need to include your name, your child's name, who will be picking your scholar up and a picture of your photo ID. This email communication will take the place of a car tag and your scholar will be released in the car line.

**If you have approved for someone else to pick up your child, but a change of transportation email has not been sent by 3 pm, that individual will need to park and come into the building before the scholar is released to the individual. At this time, office staff will call you and ask that you send an email granting permission to the individual along with a copy of your photo ID.

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Dress Code

Dress Code guidelines for ALL Elementary and Middle School campuses, Collegiate Academy and Collegiate High School 9th-10th grades

Acceptable Dress

  • Solid color red, black or white* shirt with collar
    • Small logo (1 inch or less) located on the chest is acceptable
    • Long sleeve or short sleeve polo or button up shirt is acceptable
  • Black or khaki pants/shorts/capris/skirts/jumpers
    • Shorts at least fingertip length
    • Cargo pants
    • Cargo shorts at least fingertip length
    • Skirts and jumpers at least knee length all the way around
    • A belt if needed to prevent pants from dragging or sagging; pants must be worn at the natural waist
  • Shoes with a heel and closed toe
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers
  • Boots
  • Dress shoes/loafers
  • Solid color red, black or white sweaters, cardigans, hoodies and sweatshirts
  • School issued hoodies or sweatshirts
  • Red, black, white or gray CHISD spirit hoodie or CHISD spirit sweatshirt
  • Solid color red, black, or white collared shirt must be worn under sweater, cardigans, hoodies or sweatshirt*
  • Jackets and heavy winter coats – any style or color
  • Solid color red, black, or white collared shirt must be worn under jacket or coat*

Unacceptable Dress & Accessories

  • All shirt colors except white are permissible at Collegiate Prep Elementary
  • Wind pants, yoga pants, athletic pants/shorts, sweat pants, or knit jogger pants
  • Leggings or tights may be worn as pants
  • Slippers, house shoes, sandals or flip flops
  • Unnatural hair colors or distracting hairstyles

Spirit Fridays

Acceptable Dress

  • Single color dark blue or black hemmed denim jeans may be worn with CHISD spirit shirt or solid color red, black or white collared shirt
  • Jean shorts at least fingertip length
  • Jean skirts at least knee length all the way around
  • A belt if needed to prevent pants from dragging or sagging

Unacceptable Dress

  • Sagging or dragging jeans, cutoffs and free from holes or tears
  • Leggings, “jeggings” or tights worn as pants
  • Jeans with patterns, designs or colored denim


Scholars who bring devices to school (cell phones, IPads, laptops, etc.) will be directed to put their devices in their locker or backpack during the school day. Devices should not be visible or used during the school day without teachers' permission for instructional purposes. Every scholar has access to a Chromebook to access applications or online assignments. To minimize disruptions throughout the school day, please remind scholars to leave devices at home or be prepared to put them away when they arrive at school. Please see the Acceptable Use of Technology section on the district's website for additional information.

Protective Face Coverings

In CHISD, scholars have been strongly encouraged to wear face masks as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19. Please send a mask with your scholar daily as we may not have masks available. We will gladly accept any donations for masks for our scholars.