The God Of Gaming

Gaming is his power

Who Is The God Of Gaming

The God Of Gaming or just call Gaming God is just a normal person but he is so good at video games people call him a god. He is very good at video game and will beat anyone who dares to challenge him.

His History

He started out being very bad at video games, then one day something changed. He played all day and all night and didn't stop until he was the best player and could beat anyone.


Some say that he is just a myth. No one has saw him to know what he looks like. Some people have met him in Call Of Duty lobbies on PS4. He also plays game like Minecraft and other player vs. player games.


He has two main abilities. The first one is to be very popular. This is useful when he makes people mad after he get a better score. The second is of course to just be good at any game he plays.

Here is what he is believed to look like.

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