Joyceville PS Week Ahead

March 21-25

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

Welcome back. Hopefully you had a good break, fitting in whatever you needed to rejuvenate yourself! These spring months go by quickly and are often packed with lots of activities! Remember to pace yourself and enjoy the time with students and each other.

Please see Yammer for March "staff meeting" information. You will have the opportunity to do your own exploration of "creating thinking classrooms" and will bring your learning to share at our April staff meeting.

We will do our Earth Hour from 12:00-1:00 this Monday over the lunch hour. Please work with students to turn off lights and computers and unplug any other electronic devices that might be using energy (e.g. ipad chargers) around the school as they begin to eat lunch.


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Field Trip reminders!

If you are planning field trips, please submit field trip request forms to me for approval along with letter to parents, permission form and inherent risk form (if necessary) before sending home letter and forms to students.

  • Permission forms should be brought with you on your trip and then filed for the duration of the school year.
  • Money should be counted - please fill out a deposit slip.
  • Please keep track of which students pay for the field trip on a class list and submit this with the money you collected for the trip. WE CAN ACCESS UP TO $990 in compensatory funds for students who do not pay for trips this school year, but it MUST BE DOCUMENTED.

Wendy has all these forms available in the office.

This Week

Monday, March 21, Day 5

  • Earth Hour 12-1
  • MADD presentation 1:00

Tuesday, March 22, Day 1

  • Vision Screening - K/1

Wednesday, March 23, Day 2

  • Swim to Survive - Grade 3 (Nancy, Dean)
  • Heather away all day - LLM
  • Dawn away - Math PD

Thursday, March 25, Day 3

  • PJ Day

Friday, March 26

  • Good Friday - no school
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Upcoming Dates

March 28 Easter Monday - no school

March 24 PJ Day

March 30 Country Fair Planning Meeting 6pm

March 30, April 6 Grade 3 Swim to Survive

March 31 Send home Term 2 IEPs

April 1 Teacher leave requests due

April 5 Staff Meeting 3:45

May 25, 26, 30 - Grade 3 and 6 EQAO

May 28 Country Fair

June 28 Grade 8 Grad

Term 2 IEPs

Updated Term 2 IEPs for students who have modified and/or alternative expectations will be sent home Thursday, March 31st. (if there are no significant changes, accommodated only IEPs do not need to be sent home at this time). As soon as you have had a chance to do this, please let Spi and me know so that we can review and I can sign. If you require assistance we are both available.

Here are the guidelines as indicated in Growing Success Key Messages:

A level 1 or level 2 would indicate that the student had not yet reached the provincial standard for that expectation and it may continue on the IEP into a portion of the next term. Simply copy the Term 1 expectations into Term 2 box.

A level 3 or 4 on the report card of a student with an IEP would indicate to parents/guardians that the expectation(s) had been met and a revised IEP will be forthcoming for consultative purposes. The revised IEP would indicate goals that reflect the next steps outlined in the report card for that student’s individual growth. Please indicate new expectations in Term 2 box.