Jacques Cartier

Mason M.

Who is Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier was an explorer from the 1500. The time was 1521, and Spain reached Asia by sailing around the tip of South America. then in 1534 his journey began , the King of France sent an experienced sailor and navigator to find the Northwest Passage. Also Known as Jacques Cartier he sailed west to Newfoundland , in present-day Canada. He sailed through a narrow water passage and claimed it for France.

What motivated Jacques Cartier?

He sailed for riches like gold , tobacco , cattle , spices , etc. with Indian guides , he sailed about 1000 miles up a water way. But then in that very moment his boat could not go any further. He reached an Indian village and brought their chief back to France. The chief told the king their is great riches farther west.

How did Jacques Cartier make history?

Finally in 1541 the king sent Cartier on a third voyage to set up a French empire in North America. He took over 100 settlers , after going through two harsh winters , him and the settlers gave up. 1 year later they returned to France empty handed. But still Jacques Cartier had staked Frances claim in North America. Then 60 years later "New France" had its first permanent settlers.

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