Assessment for Learning

Formative and Summative Assessments

Assessment for Learning

Key strategies from the video

One of the key strategies from the video I found to be extremely great learning assessment is the green, yellow, red. The utilization of this process will always allow an educator to know exactly where a student is in terms of comprehension of a lesson. Examples; green (student understands a can explain), yellow (student is having difficulties understanding and red (completely lost.)

My ideas about both formative and summative assessments

Formative and summative assessments are necessary to the success of any classroom. Formative assessment not only allows the educator to know areas where a student is struggling it also lets both student and teacher know what was learned and what is need. This is done through constant observations, quizzes and feedback. Summative is just that; a final evaluation. It is a bunch of gathered informed condensed into a summary. What is good about is just like formative it allows the opportunity for change to create something more efficient.

How both sets of ideas could be implemented to create an effective classroom environment

Formative and summative assessments combined can definitely create an effective classroom environment because of what the two have to offer one another. Formative will continuously provide feedback for improvement and summary will pretty much enforce it.

Examples to illustrate and support my ideas

My son is a 15-year-old high school freshman. Although my son is an honor roll student he continuously struggles with math. I am not saying that his math teachers of the years were not doing their jobs to the best of their abilities but I do believe that if formative assessment were utilized in the manner I just learned it to be he would not struggle so much. I only hear of his struggles with math at the end of each semester and now I know this is a summative assessment. It should have been both because I would have had a better idea of how to handle: I do now.