Poland history



The continent of Poland is in Europe there capital is Warsaw ,and there major language is Polish there population is 38,346,279(July 2014 est)The life expectancy is 76.


There major cities are:





The average of temperature in Poland is usually below 0 and

sometimes goes till -20C in the winter.


Poland is governed under the constitution of 1997.The prime minister,who is the head of government is appointed by the president ,as is the cabinet , with the approval of the Sejm.


Most people ,by far adhere to the christian faith with 89.8% belonging to the Roman Catholic Church Catholicism.

Culture and Intersting Facts

Culture: There top three holiday of Poland is Pulaski Day,Independence day,and All Souls Day.Poland eat meats and vegetables,stew and soup,cucumber salad.Poland clothing are brightly colored and decorated with embroidery and beads.

Interesting facts about Poland: The native animals of Poland are native wolf,European bison , and White Stork.The Health Issue in Poland is diet,smoking,and alcohol.The Mode of Transportation in Poland is trains,taxi,bus,airport,and trams.

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