Champion News

November 17, 2014

International Festival

This Tuesday is Providence International Festival. Third Grade is celebrating Ireland. As we focus how we Express Ourselves in Third Grade, we are connecting how both Ireland and The United States uses Street Art to convey a message. So this week, we are connecting the art of murals and painting to the curriculum. You can help by sending in any photographs you see or take of street art in the area you live.

Don't forget to come and celebrate with us from 5-7 p.m on Tuesday! The International Festival will be in the school cafeteria. Each grade level will have special crafts, music, displays, etc. to share with your family.

Canned Food Drive

Providence Elementary is collecting canned foods for the needy through this Friday November 17th. Our class wanted to help. The class brainstormed ways they could help based on their own talents. Some students created posters to hang up in the hallways. Two students wrote songs! We had several students write and perform puppet shows and skits for other classes.

Ask your child what project they worked on all week! And please send in your cans to help feed the needy.

Canned Food Drive

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Li this past Monday.

Homework- Classwork

This week we will keep our same spelling list since we spent class time working on our projects. But students need to MEMORIZE THEIR MULTIPLICATION FACTS! We will test on the 3s this week!

Also, we will be doing to some RESEARCH on their computers this week. Please make sure your child brings their computers CHARGED to school EVERY DAY!

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Going Above and Beyond

We have 5 students who went a little above and beyond their regular classroom written assignments and made 4s! Lenny and Georgia are pictured here with their awesome essays! Miara, Aniaz, and Blakelyn are showing off their extraordinary map skills! Let's see who can go Above and Beyond this week!