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May 16th, 2016

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10 Day Countdown

We are celebrating our last 10 days of school with a special surprise at the end of each day. Last Friday, our surprise was bubbles. The students enjoyed running around blowing bubbles! We will continue to have a new surprise at the end of each day. This Friday we will have popsicles. Please let me know as soon as possible if your child should NOT have a popsicle.

On the last day of school (May 26th), our surprise will be a picnic lunch. If you have a completed background check on file, please feel free to join us for lunch! We will eat at 1:05pm.

Please do not tell your child about the popsicles or picnic lunch, as we are enjoying being surprised each day!

Glass Barn Field Trip

We were blessed with no rain through most of the day as we explored recycling, composting, farm animals, growing plants, and soybean production. Thank you again to our parent volunteers for your help throughout the day!

Field Day Volunteering

CRES Field Day is right around the corner and we need your help to make this event a success!

Sign up now on VolunteerSpot:

If you have any question contact Mrs. Fox at Thank you in advance for your help. Everyone looks forward to this awesome event, even the volunteers!!

Library Book Return - A Note From Mrs. Hicks

Dear Parents,

All library items are now past due. All students with items still checked out should have received an itemized list last week. Please look for and return these items as soon as possible. If they are lost, please make payment for lost materials by Monday, May 23rd. Exact cash or checks made payable to CRES will be accepted. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Hicks at 594-4170 or

Our Focus this Week

What We are Learning This Week

· Writing & Reading Workshop: We are hoping to perform some of our plays for other classes this week! We will work on strong and clear reading (fluency) as we practice throughout the week.

· Spelling: homophones

· Math Workshop: We will continue our last unit for the year - "Step Up to 4th Grade". This week we will learn how to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, practice finding factors, review adding and subtracting fractions, and take a peek at decimal numbers. If you would like to follow along in your child's Envision workbook, we will be covering these lessons - Monday (Step-Up 5), Tuesday (Step-Up 6), Wednesday (Step-Up 7), Thursday (Step-Up 8&9), Friday (Step-Up 10).

· Science: We will practice sorting rocks this week and examine some fossils!

Homework Ideas

I encourage every family to spend at least 30 minutes a day working on one of our core academic areas at home. Here are some ideas for this week...

Math: Please continue to work on math facts at home. If you are looking for a fresh idea, try using triangle fact cards, which are explained on this website -

Reading: Please begin to talk about summer reading programs with your family. CRES and the Hamilton Public Library are offering great programs for this summer! It is essential that our students maintain and grow their reading skills all summer long!

Try out MobyMax by going to!

Important Information

Our Schedule

8:45-9:00 Morning Procedures

9:00-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-10:10 Writing

10:15-10:50 Specials

10:55-11:05 Snack and Read Aloud

11:05-12:35 Reading

12:35-12:55 Recess

1:05-1:35 Lunch

1:40-2:55 Math

2:55-3:30 Social Studies/Science

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: Day 4 - Art

Tuesday: Day 1 - Music

Wednesday: Day 2 -PE

Thursday: Day 3 - Computer

Friday: Day 4 - Art

What's Going on Here at Cumberland Road Elementary School?

Upcoming CRES Events

May 26th: Field Day, Picnic Lunch, & Last Day of School

Lunch Visits and Background Checks

All guests and parent volunteers must have their background check completed prior to volunteering at school or having lunch with their child. The online background checks will take time to process. You do not need to complete a background check prior to visiting if you have had one done in HSE within the past 3 years. ALL guests must also complete an online anti-bullying training webinar.

For more information on background checks and the anti-bullying webinar, please visit: