Mrs. Lyons' December Newsletter

Math, Science, Social Studies

December 1st-22nd

Hello Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I was so happy to see your babies do so well with their Thanksgiving Story play! It was a happy moment for me as well! They all looked adorable and did great!

December is the busiest time for teachers and I am slightly behind on getting my newsletters out the last few weeks! December is full of to-do's and I hope to make things easier by making one newsletter for the month. If I have left off anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always here for you.

We will be finishing up Unit 4, continuing with daily Excel lessons, as well as getting back on track with our Science lessons. We also want to make time for some holiday cheer, so we will make some crafts and sing Christmas music as we work.

Your children have been working very hard and I am very proud of them.

Mrs. Crowson is leading this semester's service project and I've been told it is coming together nicely! Thank you for all of your donations.


Thursday, December 15th:

Unit 4 Math Test

Excel Test 6

Chapter 4 Science Test: Places to Live

Field Trips

Friday, December 2nd: Annie

Monday, December 12th: Cajun Christmas

(Must wear uniform)

Homework Packets to be assigned each Monday

Week 15: 10.1-10.4 and -5 Math Facts (Due 12/2)

Week 16: 11-1-11.4 and -6 Math Facts (Due 12/8) (NO SCHOOL 12/9)

Week 17: 12.1-12.4 and -7 Math Facts (Due 12/16)

Week 18: NO HOMEWORK (last week of school before break)

Math Lessons

We will complete lessons on place value this week. The students are doing very well with these lessons and should move smoothly into ordering and comparing numbers as well lessons on number patterns. Use the link below to practice these skills if needed.

Review daily Excel lessons as they come home each day if your child needs the extra help.


This week we are learning more about land and water habitats.

Vocabulary Words:

Land habitats: habitat, grassland, forest, adaptation

Water habitats: lake, ocean,

Plants and Animals Live Together:

Vocabulary: food chain, extinct,

As we read through these lessons, we will be completing a lesson outline to review for the upcoming test on December 15th. A study guide will be sent home on December 7th. Please review with your child as needed.

Social Studies

Beginning December 1st, we will spend 12 days exploring Christmas around the world. Each day, we will read about a different country and how they celebrate Christmas. We will read and compare holiday traditions from countries like America, England, France, Russia, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, China, Uganda, Italy, Germany, and Israel. We will note the location of these countries on a large classroom map. As time allows, we may make a craft or decoration to explore these traditions.

Rainbow Math

The majority of the class is right on track with math facts. The goal is to be on -5 this week. Some students are right there, some are ahead, and very few are very behind. If your child is still on addition, he/she is behind and should begin practicing more at home to be ready to test and pass on their test day. Please continue working with your child to master their math facts. If your child is anywhere near -5, they are doing fine. The goal is to move one level (color) each week. Students can test up to 2 times a week. Their assigned test day and on Friday unless we are out of the classroom for extended periods of time for events.
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