Think Tech Thursday

Learn something new once a week about tech!

Thursday, September 24

  • Kahoot! Learn NEW features of Kahoot! Learn about "ghost" mode and more. Also, refresh your memory if you've forgotten how to access and create great Kahoot activities, or learn about it if you haven't had a chance to use it.
  • Heidi WILL be in the house on Thursday. Sign up for a specific time with her, and she will also be with me in Room 20 to answer questions! She will share information about group emails!

Think Tech Thursday

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 2:30-3:15pm

Room 20 East Intermediate

Please bring your chromebook!

If you have a specific thing you'd like to know or learn, please email me ahead of time so I can be prepared (or Heidi can be prepared!)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

On tap for Think Tech Thursday

  • 2:40: Kahoot
  • 3:00: Group Emails