Mrs. Taylor's 1st grade

Session 2: Week 2 June 26-30

Teambuilder Time!

They had fun using marshmallows and toothpicks to build whatever they wanted!

Notecard stacking

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Noise Challenge

*After listening to the book What if you had Animal Ears?, we discussed how using the sense of hearing helps an animal to survive. We then practiced listening using different kinds of "ears" to see which one helped us hear the best. We tried a piece of paper rolled into a funnel, we tried a Styrofoam bowl, and a small plastic cup.

*We then tried taking away our sense of sight and just relying on our ears for where to go. We had one person stand in the middle of the circle while others stood outside the circle with some type of noisemaker (beans in a water bottle or beans in a can). The middle person had to walk until they got too close to a another person. They knew they were too close when that person shook their noisemaker.

*With a partner we created a code with the noisemaker. They had to decide together which sound means "come here" and which sound means "walk away".

What if you had an Animal Nose? and Smell Challenge!

*After listening to the book What if you had an Animal Nose? we chose an animal and made that type of nose to cut out and glue to our face.

*We discussed how the sense of smell can help an animal to survive by smelling it's food.

*We blindfolded some kids and had them smell something then they tried to guess what it was. We smelled: vanilla and black raspberry Scentsy scents, marshmallows, glue, a Hershey kiss, and Raisels (sour raisins). We talked about how when we took away our others senses of touch, sight, taste, and hearing it was much harder to know what it was!

Cane toad traps

*Students were challenged to build a trap for a toad using: paper bowl or cup, straws, popsicle sticks, tape, and string. We used marshmallows as our toads and then got to eat them after trapping them. They came up with some very creative traps! Many learned that even though their trap kept failing, they had to persevere, re-design, and re-test several times!

Indoor recess on a rainy day

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