May 2013 TBO Newsletter

Updates from the QC, VP and Customer Care Teams!

Meet the Reps!

Missy Hudson

Quality Control Specialist

Hello, my name is Missy. I started working here at Modcloth in the returns department in November 2011. After a short month and a half of working in returns, I was asked to transfer to the quality control team. The transformation was a great move and a better position for me to use the skills I withhold and desire to gain. I am in a relationship with a green eyed devil that I adore and have been growing to love more and more every day for the last 4.5 years. By the way, the green eyed devil is my boyfriend. I have one daughter. Her name is Fendi, and she is a toy poodle who I usually dye pink on a regular bases.

I am addicted to fashion. I could probably open a store with all of the clothing and accessories I own. Die hard fashionista!!!!!! During my free time I like to originate different accessories and clothing into my own. "A re-constructor" is what some people call it. Not going to short hand myself, I do make a lot of things from scratch as well.

I think creating these category teams was a great idea and very beneficial for you to obtain a better idea and understanding of the issues we come across as well as the outcomes across the teams. I look forward to growing a relationship with the buyers and CC reps as well. I'm excited for this new process, I hope you all are as well!

Laurel Custer

Vendor Relations Specialist

Howdy! My name is Laurel. I started working at ModCloth in May of 2012 on the Receiving team, and joined the Vendor Relations team in March. I have an energetic daughter named Zoe, a semi-neurotic cat named Gomez and an awesome boyfriend named Doug. When I'm not plugging along at vendor problems here at MC, I'm running a Girl Scout troop, planning activities for a youth camp, chillin' at home with my family, or exploring this planet we live on in any way I can. I look forward to collaborating with you to make the ModCloth experience even better for our customer.

Ashley Abraham

Customer Care Specialist

Hello All! I'm Ashley, I started at ModCloth as a seasonal employee this past October 2012 and then offered a full time position in November (I cried because I was so excited, literally)! I have been working in Customer Care and have transitioned as a member of the newly formed Care ModStylist group. I love helping to guide customers style wise as it also makes me more conscious of my own fashion choices. I have so much fun working at ModCloth, it is unlike any other company I have ever been at before and I am completely looking forward to collaborating and making this experience even more captivating for our ModGirls.

I lived in La for a year and moved back to Pittsburgh before I started working here. I hope one day to eventually transition back to the west coast. So, right now my goals are to make my experience here 100% rich, learn as much as I can, and help anywhere I am needed. In my spare time, I am a simple gal with an old soul. I like to just hang out and I love being outdoors! It's honestly the simple things in life that make me happy. I can't wait to get to know you all better and learn about the different roles you play so we can continue to improve overall!

Vendor Relations Updates

Vendor Problem Statistics

5/1/13 - 5/22/13

Total: 48 TBO VP's

Biggest Categories:

27 Quality Issues (Next Month, we'll break this one down even more!)

12 Quantity Issues (Short & Over Shipments)

4 Issues with the Composition and Care tags, or with missing Country of Origin

Quality Control Updates

Quality Issues

Stains, uneven hems and huge variations in print placement were the biggest issues we encountered this month.

Fit Issues

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