Your PC

The Pc is made out of lots of different parts the small parts may look complicated and in some ways daunting but knowing the right information is key to knowing what lies inside your PC.

The main parts of the PC


RAM stands for random access memory, the RAM is where all your data and downloads are stored they are stored in megabytes "M", gigabytes "GB"or bigger and smaller RAM can be bought in more modern technology such as apple it is not possible to remove RAM to get it to be bigger but in some devices it is still possible.

The Mother Board

the motherboard is the main circuit board it is a thin plate and all information is processed. The motherboard is connected to practically every single part of the computer.

The Hard Drive

The Hard Drive is where all key data is kept like downloads and all the memory is kept also inside the hard drive. The computer copies data whenever you run a file or download a document or even click a link.