School of witchcraft and wizardry


There are also two testimonies that I know of. First is Neville long bottom. He says,"I haven't been at hogwarts for that long and I really love it. I've met new friends and learned to be more brave than ever. It has been an awesome experience so far. Second is professor mcgonagall. She likes the company at hogwarts and likes watching the kids have fun.

Classes at hogwarts

There are two classes at hogwarts that I know of. First it's dark arts with professor quirrel and people will be able to use magic and dark arts. The Second class would be potions with professor snape and they will learn to make potions and use potions.

Locations around hogwarts

The two locations I picked out were the gpforbidden forest and the quidditch pitch.

In the quidditch pitch they play a game called quidditch and its a lot of fun as they would say. Then it's the forbidden forest where the children can't go in and it's the forbidden forest for a reason.