8-3 Newsletter

February 8-12

What's New?

We had a wonderful time on our field trip this week. The submariners were wonderful tour guides and hosts. It was a fascinating experience and the students were well behaved.

Students have established their BLASt partnerships. Most of them are in groups of 3 but we have some pairs and some singles. They decided on their products this week and did some research on the industry and competition. This week they will research the components of a business plan. They are very enthusiast about this project. Please ask them to share their ideas with you.

This coming Friday marks the midterm point in the quarter. All grades for the first half of the quarter will be permanent as of this Friday. If they leave school on Friday with zeroes, they will not be able to make those up. The students will be counseled by the teachers on any missing work and the need to attend ZAP or WOW this week. PLEASE, look at Power School with them this weekend. Remember, a zero means the work is missing. A blank just means the work has not been graded by the teacher.

Coming up!

Wednesday, Feb. 10 BLASt, Baseball & Softball Home Games

Thursday, Feb. 11 ZAP/WOW

Friday, Feb. 12 Grade cutoff for progress reports, Hat Day

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Mrs. Richardson- Language Arts

Blocks 2,4 and 5 will continue to read To Kill a Mockingbird and completing activities in class related to the text. We will be learning about our last and final verbal, infinitives. We will practice all week and have a quiz the following week. On Wednesday, the students will receive a writing prompt. We will be working on some of this in class, and what they don’t finish will be expected of them to complete at home. This will not be due for a few more weeks. The second Socratic seminar will take place on March 3rd.

Block 3 will continue to read Boy in the Striped Pajamas and annotating each chapter. We will begin a research project on different concentration camps during World War II. The students will chose a concentration camp and will complete a graphic organizer using facts that they learned. The facts that they learned will then be used to write an informational essay about their concentration camp. This will be done in class, but what they don’t finish in class needs to be completed at home. They will also be learning about infinities this week.