Team Charming Grace

July 2014 Bulletin

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Our Central Team Volume for June was $45,625.05 Congratulations to the following team members for their June 2014 achievements:

Top 10 in Sales:

Joyce Andrews Vega $2,076.75

Tequesta Mckinney James $1,334.90

Maray & Gabriella Rodriguez $1235.85

Celeste Tripician $1132.70

Lourdes Porras $1011.90

Glenys Adreu $903.30

Faye Winterholler $869.30

Raisa Ubeda $797.90

Laura Gutierrez $790. 20

Kelly Cromer $776.30

Congratulations to all those team members who achieved 450 pv for the month and earned your Hostess Exclusive for July-September. There were so very many of you!

Tietza (Lisa) Bourchereau

Zugeilys Castillo

Kelly Cromer

Aknelys Rojas

Tiffany Doner

Lenette Serlo

Kelly Sheffer

Andrea Self

Marina Sweat

Vicky Garcia

Raisa Ubeda

Brittany Nortmann & Tonya Pullich

Katherine Osorio

Indiana & Ariel Martin

Cecilia Lijeron

Faye Winterholler

Lauren Davis

Tiffany Beukers

Carissa Dominguez

Janet Herrera

Lorelle Silberberg

Glenys Andreu

Elba Cordoba

Laura Gutierrez

Yaliane Medina

Abigail Jimenez

Nancy Moraguez

Caridad Alonso

Joyce Andrews Vega

Marisol Casais

Tahra Sealy

Shecba Burrows-Stanley

Cherisse Branch

Leidy Diaz

Allison Carrow

Courtney Nemeth & Carri Richardson

Tequesta Mckinney-James

Celeste Tripician

Melanie Haines

Yesenia Esquijarosa

Carolina Izquierdo

Malorie Nicole Guzman

Catherine Ruiz

Lourdes Porras

Saki Alonso

Maray & Gabriella Rodriguez

We had several promotions this month, so kudos to these ladies:

Leading Designer

Vicky Garcia

Nancy Maraguez

Catherine Morales

Rikke Mckinney

Team Leader

Tietza (Lisa) Bouchereau

We also added 19 new team members to Team Charming Grace last month! A special congratulations to Lisa Bouchereau who added 5 team members during the month and promoted twice within the month!


Adelemari Bermudez

Ileana Artiediello

Aknelys Rojas

Jennifer Enriquez

Jessy Allain

Cara Cook

Christopher Martin

Maria Gabriela Ruiz

Maria Barreto

Edlyne Vazquez

Jacqueline Puig

Marisol Casais

Katy Rodriguez

Felix Estrella

Katia Sandoval

Yaneliz Garciga

Royanne Galas

Rafael Cerna Jr.

Karen Tofte

Sarah Olsen

Rebekah Cohen

Sheryl Poole

Amber Bobier

Valentin Samurkov

Melissa Gonzalez

Gabriela Elguera-Tameron

Maray Rodriguez

Kristina Diaz Rivas


Here are 7 ideas to keep your direct sales business growing over the summer:

  1. Connect at outings. For some people, summer is the time they see the most people in person, at picnics, parties, reunions and social events. What better time than to hand out samples and catalogs, talk about your business and products and offer to book parties?
  2. Use your products as gifts. Never go to a party or picnic empty-handed. This is the perfect opportunity to share your line by bringing a hostess gift, graduation gift or birthday gift from your company’s line. Be sure to have a label on it, so the recipient knows your site and that it’s from your company.
  3. Offer freebies and specials. We have all heard of Christmas in July, right? Now is the perfect time to get new customers by offering stock sales and percentage off sales. People love free gifts or a certain percentage off so get creative by making mini gift baskets as a free gift with purchase or offering a cash discount. (side note: do not offer these online on social media as per our policies and procedures)
  4. Offer incentives for your team. While you are out working hard, is your team? This is a great opportunity to drive them to produce bigger sales or sponsor more by offering incentives such as gift certificates for free products or gift baskets with the newest company products for them to use and share.
  5. Plant your seeds for Fall. We all know that a harvest only grows after many seeds are planted and tended. Make this your prep time for the busiest Fall ever and the most bountiful harvest by taking steps to get the word out about your business. This can be everything from booking Fall events and fairs to making sure you reorder enough catalogs and business cards for the upcoming season. Every new place you go (even out-of-state) is an opportunity to hang a flyer, to leave a business card, to tip a waitress with a free sample or to network with new people. Think of the unlimited possibilities a 7 day road trip with the family or a reunion with dozens of people could bring.
  6. Book your Fall parties and events now. Many events allow only one vendor per company so if you snooze, you lose. Contact the venues you did last year to get the date for this year. Reach out to churches or local schools for when they will be holding their Holiday boutiques.Connect with friends about booking parties and get them scheduled in ASAP. There are only so many weeks before Christmas comes, so create that sense of urgency that they need to do it now. Browse the local papers for newly listed events. Of course, you can book summer parties too. How about a “Pamper party on the patio” or “Goodies in the garden” or “Summer Spa” party theme?
  7. Grow your team. Contact people who are out of work or people who don’t work in the summer like teachers. So many people are looking for extra money and if you don’t ask, you may miss out and find they joined another company without ever knowing of your opportunity. Anyone unemployed needs quick cash so emphasize how making sales from product on hand can get them that cash they are yearning for.

While taking time off to enjoy some summer fun is great for everyone, keep up the momentum and drive during the summer and watch your business grow even more!

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Te Invito a la Primera Capacitación O2 en Español!!

O2 Leadership connection meeting developing the Hispanic Market!! The meeting will be conducted in Spanish.

HOLA!!! Diseñadores de Florida!!! Estaremos con ustedes en Miami, Florida el sábado 12 de Julio del 2014. HOOT!!! HOOT!!!!
Unete a los Líderes y a esta servidora Evelyn Torres, Directora Regional del Mercado Hispano para una capacitación con todo el amor de O2. Desarrolla un Equipo Exitoso adquiriendo conocimientos y compartiéndolos con tus nuevos diseñadores. Conocerás lo divertido y emocionante que es el negocio O2, como avanzar en tu negocio y como utilizar tus promociones e incentivos para desarrollar un Equipo Exitoso y gozar de una carrera espectacular con Origami Owl.

Hoot!! Hoot!! This meeting will be conducted in Spanish to support our O2 Hispanic Market. Everyone is invited!!!! Please encourage your O2 spanish speaking friends and designers to register. We want to share our O2 Love and enrich everyones mentoring skills and bring our dreams a few steps closer to becoming a reality!!!

REGISTRACION: Importante que te registres antes de la fecha de la capacitación en el link a continuación. Espacio limitado. Te Esperamos!!!
La registración tiene un costo de $10

WHEN/Cuando Sábado/Saturday July 12, 2014

2:00 PM – 4:30PM

Miami Airport Marriott
1201 NW LeJeune Road, Building A
Miami, Florida 33126


We will be having our August meeting on the 9th in Broward County. Time and Place will be announced at a later time. Make sure you save the date so you can be there! If you didn't attend convention, we will be sharing all the highlights there and all the new product, live and in person! A super exciting meeting that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!


I hope you are all enjoying the monthly newsletter and weekly emails. I have really appreciated your understanding, patience, and feedback as I work to put some really great support in place for all of you.

I thought you may like to know a few things I am working on or have in mind for our future:

Going forward we will be doing our own separate team meetings here in Broward. I am hoping we can alternate venues so that we can give our Dade and Monroe friends a shorter drive. I will be asking my leaders to contribute and help run the meetings. I feel it is so important for you to hear from them and their experiences.

I'm going to be putting together a new designer training that will hopefully be run two times a month alongside an opportunity meeting.

I will be coming to you on video occasionally and will have my first one ready to go some time this week. These will be short videos with training tips that you can share with your team members.

For those team members that are not local, we will be putting together a short and concise virtual training. Since we have so many great videos now from the Nest, this will be a condensed version and something we can offer once a month as well.

I would also like to institute a google hangout once or twice a month just for anything that might be going and open it up to questions. I will send this out once I try it out with my leaders.

I'm currently working on our team's new designer guide. Thanks to a wonderful team building/leadership summit I attended, I have the tools needed to put something great together for all of you. Piecing it together is just taking me some time and then I will be uploading it for you to access. My hope is that you can then brand it for yourself and your team and use for any new designers.

This and other training tools and files will be uploaded to my website in our new team section! I can't wait to share it with all of you. You will need to sign up to gain access and then you will be able to get to documents I upload there. I also have some great "features" that will be on my personal site and something special for my first line. Keep an eye out for when I launch so you can see all the great stuff coming your way!