Hoover Elementary School

Staff E-Blast 01.31.2016

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Thank you for your diligence and patience as you completed your second quarter report cards. I understand that many of you experienced slowness with PowerSchool during Monday's teacher workday and throughout the week. Please know that we continue to work with the Tech Department in an effort to resolve these issues.

As I reviewed student report cards, it quickly became clear that our kiddos are thriving in your classrooms! Your attention to meeting their individual needs is evident in the outstanding progress they are making!


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Monday, February 1

  • Kindergarten Registration Begins: Packets available for pickup in the office
  • Grade 1 Team Meeting: 8:00AM
  • Grade Level Meeting (K, 2, & 4): CANCELLED

Tuesday, February 2

  • Grade 2 Team Meeting: 8:00AM
  • Fine Arts Department Meeting: 3:45PM in Library

Wednesday, February 3

  • Grade 3 Team Meeting: 8:00AM

Thursday, February 4

  • Grade 4 Team Meeting: 8:00AM

Friday, February 5

  • Grade 5 Team Meeting: 8:05AM


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February Grade Level Meetings CANCELLED

With time allocated for grade level/department discussions during the January 18th In-Service day and the upcoming February 15th In-Service day, this month's Grade Level Meetings have been cancelled. Please let me know if you have any questions.


If you are a teacher who is required to complete an SLO as a part of your end-of-year evaluation, please be sure you have entered it in PA-ETEP by March 1st. The SLOs that were drafted in your grade level/department meetings can be found HERE.

I have confirmed that we are accepting mastery goals for this year, so there is no need to revise any of the SLOs that have been provided at this time. Also, as we discussed on Monday, these are yearlong goals. Even if you've already introduced the content and/or assessed student understanding of the skills identified in your SLO, you may still use it.

Please see me if you have any questions. Thanks!

#happyhoover Weekly Challenge

Challenge #3:

Write a funny joke on the board for students to read when they enter your classroom. Start the day off with a good belly-laugh together!

Don't forget to celebrate and share once you've completed the challenge!


Principal's Notes

  • Attendance: Please be careful when entering your attendance in the morning and after lunch. We need to be sure that we are marking absences for the correct student(s). With the new Safe Walk system, families receive automated phone calls to confirm absences. We want to make every effort to avoid these calls going to families in error.

  • Arrival: Please remember to collect your students from the blacktop, no later than 8:28AM. It is important to be timely, as our aides and teachers on duty need to be in their classrooms by 8:30AM as well. Thanks for your cooperation!

  • Duty: Please remember to work together to ensure that your designated responsibilities are covered, in the event that you cannot be there. This includes lunch duty, recess duty, pick-up or drop-off, dismissals from school, entrance into school, Go-Zone, etc. Please communicate with each other when things come up on your personal schedule that are unplanned. Otherwise, please make sure you are on time for your scheduled duty responsibilities. Please see me if you have questions or concerns.

  • Playground Rules: Please remind students of the playground rules and expectations below. Please be attentive to dangerous games or behavior. Also, please be alert to any visible hazards and report them to the office.

    • Playground Rules and Expectations

      • Keep your Hands, Feet and Body to Yourself

      • Be Kind to Others, Play Fairly and Include Others

      • Use Equipment Safely

      • Play in Safe Areas

  • Copying: Please try, as much as possible, to do ALL copying in house

  • Personal Days: Please remember that I can only approve a given number of personal days per day in the building. Personal days are requested through AESOP, verified with Cheryl, and then approved.

  • Outdoor Recess: Please help to escort students to the playground and wait for the monitors to arrive. For the safety of our students, it is critical that they are not left unattended on the playground. Monitors, please make every effort to get to your posts as quickly as possible.

  • Keys: Please remember to leave the key to your classroom in your mailbox before leaving for the day, so that we can access your room in the event that you are not able to return the following day.

  • Announcements: If you have any staff news or announcements, and would like to share, please email me. I will place it in our next e-blast.

Maintenance Work Orders

Please continue to complete maintenance requests using the Work Order system on your MTLSD Homepage. If Gary cannot resolve the issue in-house, he will request support from central facilities. You will receive an email when the request is complete.


Behavior Management Resources

MTLSD Student Support Red Ed Resource Binder

The Student Services Department created this Google site, which outlines Tier I and Tier II positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS). These resources can be used by staff to help support students in the classroom.


This site provides a number of suggested interventions for behaviors students may present in the classroom, along with useful tools for tracking data.

IST/Academic Resources

Hoover IST Resources

This folder contains resources for teachers who have academic and/or other concerns about a particular student. You will find suggestions for Tier I interventions that can be used by teachers to support students in the classroom. Please be sure to contact families regarding your concerns.

Should students continue to have difficulty, even after introducing Tier I interventions, please contact Mary Perz to initiate the IST process. The flowchart below outlines the steps of the IST process.

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Technology for the Classroom



This site is easy to manage and a great way for students to complete exit slips or to get their thoughts on a topic. They have to be able to summarize their thoughts in less than 160 characters so it makes for great way to have students synthesize information!



In the classroom and at home, students use Popplet for learning. Used as a mind-map, Popplet helps students think and learn visually. Students can capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn to create relationships between them. Popplet is available on the iPad and on the web!


Monday, February 8

  • Hoover Food Drive Begins
  • Grade Level Meetings (1, 3, & 5): CANCELLED

Tuesday, February 9

  • Hoover Spelling Bee: 6:30PM in Hoover Cafeteria

Wednesday, February 10

  • Faculty Meeting: 8:00AM in Library

Friday, February 12

  • Grade 1 Data Meeting: 8:05AM
  • Valentine's Day Parties: 2:30PM in Classrooms

Monday, February 15

  • Teacher In-Service Day: Full day at Howe

Tuesday, February 16

  • Grade 2 Data Meeting: 8:00AM
  • Counseling Department Meeting: 3:00PM

Wednesday, February 17

  • Grade 3 Data Meeting: 8:00AM
  • Hoover Spirit Day
  • Hoover Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night: 4:30-7:00PM (proceeds benefit the 5th grade class)

Thursday, February 18

  • Grade 4 Data Meeting: 8:00AM

Friday, February 19

  • Grade 5 Data Meeting: 8:05AM