October 2020


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Five lessions for teaching about popcorn!

Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, check out Education World's "Five lessons for teaching about popcorn."

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When was the last time your governance board was trained?

A charter school’s governance board is responsible for the academic, financial, and operational quality of the charter school. Therefore, It is no surprise that a common characteristic of highly successful charter schools is the effective work of a strong governance board. Legally, the buck stops with the board, and, therefore, ensuring board competency is not just the right thing to do, it’s a legal responsibility. WRCCS is here to personalize training for your governance board. Get started today!


2020-21 Charter School Grant Applications

The DPI will announce the next cycle of grant applications soon. The WRCCS is here to help support your development and ideas as you prepare to write your grant application, but cannot assist with actual grant writing. Click here and let WRCCS help you get started TODAY!


Community of Practice: Supporting Students with IEPs During COVID-19

The WI DPI Special Education Team is offering a Community of Practice for professionals who are supporting students with IEPs. The purposes of these meetings are to provide ongoing guidance from DPI as well as opportunities for participants to collaborate, share ideas and resources. Upcoming topics will be based on participant feedback. To register click here.


Considering Starting a Virtual Charter School?

We know that many school districts have started virtual and blended learning programs this year. If you think your families are enjoying this option within your district, and you would like to continue to make this an option for all students, you might consider making the program into a virtual charter school. Per the current state statutes, virtual charter schools are the only way to serve students who are open enrolled into your district using remote learning. Please reach out to WRCCS using our support form if you would like to discuss this option in more detail.


Charter School Improvement Resources


WRCCS Events

Are you looking to connect with other learning leaders and professionals from around the state?

Are you looking for creative ways to solve these dynamic times? Well...let's connect with others from around the state and share resources! WRCCS is launching our Professional Learning Network (PLN) this month! Click here to register for a PLN today!

Are you new to the PLN movement? Learn more about WRCCS PLNs here.

PBL not what you are looking for? Here is the list of all the other WRCCS PLNs that are launching in the next few weeks:

  • Work-Based Learning Professional Learning Network

  • Equity and Justice in Schools Professional Learning Network

  • Charter School Governance Professional Learning Network

  • Virtual School Professional Learning Network

  • Environmental School Professional Learning Network

  • Charter School Design Team Professional Learning Network

  • Personalized Learning Professional Learning Network

For Questions and/or concerns regarding WRCCS Professional Learning Networks, please email Nick Pretasky npretasky@wrccs.org.

April 14, 2021 - WRCCS School Development Day

Register today!

The WRCCS School Development Day at the ISN National Conference will be held on April 14, 2021! This is a free and open to the public full day of workshop sessions, discussion and resource sharing for those starting new schools or those that are looking to innovate an existing school. More information to come!

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Other Events

Universal Design for Learning: UDL Forward!

Educator training for online and remote instruction. All UDL sessions and resources are free.

The project is supported through regional CESA networks and CAST, the national technical assistance center for UDL.

Visit DPI's website here to learn more.

Contact Jayne Bischoff with any questions.

To have your event listed, email the information to support@wrccs.org.


Charter School Job Openings

To have your charter school job opening(s) listed, email the link to support@wrccs.org.


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Request an update to your school's yearbook listing

Please note that this request is exclusively for the charter schools yearbook. Your school and/or district is also responsible for keeping up-to-date information in the DPI schools directory.