By: Kyla


-the government type of Jordan is constitutional monarchy.

-the population of Jordan is around 6.459 million people in 2013.

-the official language is Arabic and the currency is the Jordan dinar.

-the time zone of Jordan is the Jordan Time Zone (UTC+02:00).

-Jordan is situated in Asia (Middle East).

-Jordan has many important holidays such as, Easter, Christmas, Good Friday.

-a very fun festival in Jordan is called The European Film Festival.


-there has been horrible crisis in Syria and people are going to Jordan

-many people that have been going have injuries or disabilities

-Handicap International is there to help

-a crisis is the Syria Refugee crisis

-civil war in Syria and people are going to Jordan

-this war has killed over 220000 people

-families walk for miles to avoid being killed

-another organization is Mercy Corps

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Water crisis

-water shortage

-too many people and not enough clean water

-one of the lowest available water in the world

-rich people get a lot of clean water and poor people don't

-what I would do

Differences between Canada and Jordan

Children of Canada vs. Children of Jordan


-are forced to work

-get abused at school or home

-sometimes have to drop out of school


-aren't forced to work

-can't get abused

-aren't allowed to drop out of school

Myself vs. Children of Jordan

I have...

-a lot of activities

-have a family, food, fresh water, etc.

Children of Jordan have...

-no activities

-some don't have a family and have water shortage


-both are surrounded by countries that not everyone likes

-a beautiful country with fun places to visit

Best places to visit

Most popular dishes

The end

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Thank you! I hope you learned all about this beautiful country.