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October 12 In-service Survey Results

An outstanding day! Thank you to all 21 district presenters and to Nicole Duncan for implementing a great learning day for North Santiam School District. Thank you all for your feedback on the surveys. This assists us greatly in continuing to implement meaningful and relevant professional development. We collected data from 103 staff members. We had 24 staff attend out-of-district learning opportunities. The data shows this was a really successful day overall for both in-district and out-of-district participants.

To what extent did the presenters who facilitated the session model instructional practices from the BERC rubric?
To what extent was this session relevant to the grade levels and student populations you work with?
To what extent did the sessions you attended address topics that met your professional learning needs?

SBAC Interim Assessment Team Members Needed

An email was sent to all certified staff on October 22 from Dave Bolin, asking for volunteers to be a part of this project. Nicole Britton, Nicole Duncan and Dave Bolin are preparing training materials for this core team. We are very excited about the reports and teacher resources that are available. See the email for more information.


Chromebook Allocations

The district has been progressing in trying to reach a 1 to 1 ratio with chromebooks for our students. We will be allocating six additional carts throughout the district soon to bring us to the current totals shown below.
Big picture

Teacher Messaging

The use of the Teacher Messaging System has significantly changed the landscape of communications throughout the district. The district has many goals related to communication and engaging our parents in their students' education. Your communications are important for these goals to be achieved.

With this system, since the start of school teachers across the district have sent over 900 messages to families and made over 25,000 contacts. Our school offices have sent 254 messages.

Outstanding Work!

Additional Statistics:

  • The top 6 users range from 34-46 messages
  • Mari-Linn has sent the most messages per teacher 19.7
  • The district average is 8.05 messages per teacher
  • Stayton Middle School and Sublimity have the most contacts per parent, 15.3 and 13.56

The Big Benefit of Parents Having the NSSD Mobile App:

  • All teacher messages automatically go to a parent notification box on their NSSD Mobile App. This encourages parents to open their App and view all the other items available to them.
  • Grades, Assignments, Calendar, Lunch Balance, Schedules, Directory, and Attendance are all available to parents.