3rd Grade Bicycle Rodeo

Bicycle Safety

As a part of our Physical Education and Health program at Central Elementary School, I will be teaching two lessons on bicycle safety during the month of October.

For the second lesson, students should bring his/her bicycle and helmet to school in order to practice the safety lessons taught in the first session. I know that it may be a hardship for some, but I would appreciate your help in getting your child and their bicycle to and from school on the days stated below.

The day your child will need their helmet and bicycle will be:

3D Day 3 - Tuesday, October 13th

3L Day 3 – Tuesday, October 13th

3H/G Day 6 – Thursday, October 15th

Important Information

Your child will need their bicycle, helmet and a lock (to ensure against theft). All bikes should be locked on the bicycle racks located on the blacktop behind the All Purpose Room before students enter the building that day. I will be out there to help students who may need assistance. Since it is school procedure that all students walk their bicycles on school grounds, I ask that you please remind your children that once they get onto school property, that they should walk their bicycles to the bike rack on the black top.

If your child is unable to bring a bike to school on his/her assigned day, he/she will be paired with another classmate so that everyone will be able to participate in the demonstration segment of the bike safety program.

If available, a representative from the Haddonfield Police Department will be assisting in the program in the classroom and on the riding day.

Questions or concerns??

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 609-707-2393 or e-mail me at ssweeney@haddonfield.k12.nj.us.