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#WEareRH - Friday, 1/19/18

Georgia Parent Survey

Each year, the State of Georgia gives schools the opportunity to have all stakeholders provide feedback about their schools. Students, school personnel, and parents are provided survey links to share their feedback. School personnel and students will complete their surveys during January and February. During this same time, we would also like to get as many parents to complete the survey as possible.

Georgia Parent Survey

The Georgia Parent Survey is modeled after the student survey and contains 24 questions. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphone or tablet. For parents that do not have access to the Internet, please come to the west office, and we will gladly provide you the computer and internet access to complete this. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey is also available in Spanish. Parents may select the Spanish version within the survey. Results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.

The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.

Georgia Parent Survey:


Please take time to share your perspective about RHHS.

Mark your calendars!

January and February are busy months at RHHS with regard to planning schedules for next year - yes, NEXT year! Please mark your calendars for the following days and activities:

  • Monday, January 22nd, 5-7:30pm - Rising 9th grader/parent night at RHHS - This is an opportunity for rising 9th graders and their parents to hear about 9th grade courses, visit representatives from clubs and athletic teams, and hear some general information about the most important first year of high school!
  • Wednesday, January 24th, 5:30pm, east cafeteria - Senior parent/guardian meeting to share with parents/guardians information about our planned 1:1 pilot program with our seniors this semester.
  • Wednesday, January 24th, 6pm, east cafeteria - PSAT workshop - This workshop will provide students and parents/guardians with information about how to interpret the PSAT score report. The PSAT score report is a strong resource for planning, and knowing how to use this information is important. Please join us in the east cafeteria.
  • Monday, January 29th, 5-7pm - Curriculum/AP Night at RHHS for rising 10th-12th graders - Curriculum Night provides all students and parents/guardians with an overwhelming amount of information. We offer teacher-led sessions on all AP courses, we have course and content-specific teachers here to answer questions about courses, and we will have sessions on Dual Enrollment and Work-Based Learning. Full details are available in the handout.
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Class Dues

The deadline for paying class dues before prom is February 23rd.

JUNIOR Dues = $35.00 (includes the $5 late fee)

  • If the student did not pay freshman ($30) and sophomore ($30) dues, he/she owes $95. Juniors who have dues paid in full receive a prom ticket at no additional cost.

SENIOR = $35.00 (includes the $5 late fee)

  • If the student did not pay freshman ($30), sophomore ($30) or junior ($30) dues, he/she owes $125. Students only pay for years that he/she has attended RHHS. Seniors who have dues paid in full receive a prom ticket at no additional cost.

After February 23rd, Juniors and Seniors who have not paid class dues who plan to go to prom will have to purchase their prom ticket separately. Prom tickets, purchased separately from class dues, are $125.

Dues are paid through MyPayments+ - https://www2.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome

Passion on the Hill

This week our Passion on the Hill episode features one of our School Resource Officers, Jon Zirpolo, and his passion, Creative Writing.

Jon Zirpolo, School Resource Officer; Creative Writing

AP Test Registration OPEN

Advanced Placement Exam Registration is now open.

Students may register for exams and begin making full or partial payments toward the cost of their AP exams beginning November 1, 2017.

Please visit the following link to register for 2018 AP exams:


RHHS to celebrate AP Day

We will be celebrating AP Day on Friday, January 26th to better inform students about what AP Classes are available. If you or your child would like a tshirt to wear on AP Day, please follow the instructions below:

• Go to MyPayments+

• Click on Spirit Wear

• Choose RHHS AP Spirit Day T shirt - $15

• Choose continue: This will allow you to choose your shirt size and AP Teacher or Advisement teacher to whom your shirt will be delivered. This is a very important step, so please be sure to select both.

SAT and ACT test dates and registration information

The SAT and ACT are given several times throughout each school year. Please click the links below for additional information about test dates, registration deadlines, and information about how to register.

Fee waivers are available for students on free/reduced lunch. Students should talk to their counselor for more information.

SAT information

ACT information

Taking care of our students

This week during advisement (Thursday) students will receive a paper copy of their PSAT scores, as well as the PSAT test books. These scores can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Not to worry! We are hosting a PSAT score interpretation night on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:00 PM in the East cafeteria. A representative from College Board will be there to present, and walk parents and students through the scoring process and what it all means. We understand that preparing your child for their future is stressful and sometimes complicated with everything that it entails. It is our goal to make sure that parents and students never feel overwhelmed with the process as a whole, so we will always offer our support in explaining it all, one step at a time.

It is important to remember why these scores are so important. Of course, it is a useful indication of your child’s projected performance on the SAT. After interpretation of the scores, your child will learn what areas they did well on, and which areas they may need to focus on improving before taking the SAT. Practice always makes perfect, so congratulations to your child for taking the first step in preparing themselves!

Additionally, these scores can serve as a confidence boost to students who may have felt very nervous or defeated after taking such a big test. Most of the time students do much better than they feel that they did, and receiving these scores can instill a confidence in them that is very important going into the SAT. If they believe they will do well, they tend to do just that. Another reason that these scores matter is that many colleges and universities use them to identify students that they feel will make great additions to their schools, as well as identifying those they think would be deserving of scholarships. Having a school express interest in your child and recruiting them to apply will also provide them with confidence moving forward. Self-assurance goes such a long way at this age for them.

Counselor information is included below - please never hesitate to let us know if we can be of better support. Email information for each counselor can be found on the RHHS website (http://www.bryan.k12.ga.us/o/rhhs/page/school-counseling--7 )

Rhashida Bunyan: last names A-Davidson

Emily Neff: Davis - Hobby

Wallace Ingram: Hod-Miller

Laine Lynch: Milton-Sa

Saraswati Hendrix: Sc-Z

Jennifer Blanton: Graduation Coach

Jonna Vaughn: Military Family Life Counselor