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December Newsletter

Swing Into Our Learning

Reading - This past week have been working on finding the main idea and details of a text. We will continue working on summarizing next week as we explore plot, theme and determine the importance of texts. Over the next few weeks we will also read some fun winter/holiday stories and create some projects to go with them.

Writing - The students are becoming familiar with writing friendly letters. While they remember all of the parts of the letter they don't necessarily always have them in the right spots. Please encourage them to write and mail letters to family members - now is a perfect time of year! They should include a heading, greeting, body, closing and signature. We have begun our unit on opinion writing slightly different from persuasive writing and we hope to publish our first piece on the computer next week!

Math - We will continue our work on time and money throughout the marking period. We have just started to explore with place value and three digit numbers. The students are working on identifying which place the number is in as well as its value. We will also work on comparing three digit numbers to tell which is great, less or equal to and the students need to be able to tell how they know this. Towards the end of the quarter in January we will work on more mental addition and a spiral review of concepts introduced during the second quarter.

Science - We have wrapped up our science unit for second marking period and are now moving back into social studies. Your child should have brought home a red construction paper folder with all of their science work from the first and second marking period:)

Social Studies - Our next unit in social studies is under way. For the remainder of the marking period we will be learning about rules and why they are necessary in our community and other communities as well. Students are currently working on a poster in a group illustrating a specific type of community and what rules should be followed there (zoo, school, pool...). We will also spend some time this marking period learning about our government and leaders.

Teacher Notes

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to see me at conference time. I enjoyed discussing your child's progress with you and if you have questions from here on out please just email me or leave me a phone message.

We enjoyed our trail mix for Thanksgiving and appreciate the things you sent in for this celebration. I hope everyone enjoyed some quality time with family - it's hard to believe Christmas break will be here in a few short weeks.

Please remember to dress students warmly as they will be going out to recess weather permitting. It is always a good idea to keep a pair of gloves and a hat in their bookbag in case they are needed.

Happy Birthday

No December Birthdays:(

Important Dates

12/4 - Holiday Shop (6-8pm)

12/23 - Early Dismissal

12/24-12/31 - No School

King/Queen of the Jungle

King/Queen of the Jungle has begun! Hopefully you had a chance to read over the information letter to learn what it is and when your child will have a turn. Here are this months Kings/Queens:

Camryn - week of 12/1

Autumn - 12/14

Johnny - 1/4


  • Students will not have daily homework - they should be reading for 15-20 minutes daily, practicing the word study pattern and reviewing math concepts.
  • A blue math menu was sent home for the second quarter (there was a typo at the top where it said first quarter - it is for second marking period!)
  • Send one healthy snack each day

Technology Corner

Crazy santa dance

Winter Brain Break

Above is a fun brain break we have been doing to get in the winter spirit:)
Friendly letter / Informal letter song

Friend Letter Song

Above is a song we learned to remember the parts of a friendly letter and what they are for.