Oprah Winfrey

Abbie Palker

Childhood/ obstacles

Oprah did not have the best child hood, she was the daughter to a teen mom who had not money, she lived with her grandmother on a farm in Mississippi till she was 6. even though she did not have the best environment she always loved reading and learning new things. At age six she moved back with her mom in Milwaukee who found a job as a housemaid. While her mom was away at work Oprah was being molested by male relatives and other male men who went in her house. This went on from when she was 9-13 She tried running away but everyone denied her, at 14 she she was off and on her own. As a young teen she got pregnant and had a little boy who died during infancy, she then moved to tennessee with her dad.

Overcoming Obstacles / Achievments

When Oprah was 17 she won a beauty pageant where she got offered a job at a radio station and a full scholarship to TSU where she majored in speech communications and performing arts. she soon left school and joined a local television station as a reporter. In january 1984 she was asked to host "AM Chicago" which soon turned into the "Oprah Winfrey show" and ever sense then her career has only been getting better ,
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Oprah has won just about every award you can think of, some examples are emmy, golden globe, peabody and many more
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