Texas Statehood

How Texas Became Their Own Independent Nation

Texas became a state in 1836. To do this, the Texans had to win the battle of the Alamo, which they didn't. But after the battle, Sam Houston led a charge of about 600 Texans, and only about 20 died during the victory at the battle, Battle of San Jacinto. The Texans captured General Lopez de Santa Anna, but did not kill him. Instead, the Texans forced him to make a treaty.

Thinking About the U.S.

Texas While it was its Own Country

In 1844, Texas had been its own country for almost 9 years. But things were going wrong. Texas still had many debts to pay. They were also worried that some of the Indian tribes would attack the country. So....

1844 - 1845

Texas was thinking about becoming a part of the United States. Even Sam Houston, the president of Texas at that time said, " The United States cannot... exist without Texas". But many people from the U.S. didn't want Texas to become part of their country. The U.S. citizens did not want to take on the large debts that Texas had to pay, have Mexico come back and destroy the country, or add another state that allowed slavery. But on December 29, 1845, Texas was a state in the wonderful United States.