My job... Marine Biologist

Want to know more? By: Megan Jumper

What is a marine biologist?

A marine biologist is someone who works all around the lives of marine organisms such as, fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, etc. Anything that lives in the ocean, is basically what they handle. A marine biologist study's, observes and protects all of the creatures in the sea. They look for interesting things in the ocean and they always have DNA testing labs to figure out organisms for themselves.

What level of school is required to be a marine biologist and can you continue in professional development? What is the salary each year?

You first have to achieve your bachelors degree in marine biology or in biological sciences. Then to be a full on marine biologist you have to tackle your masters degree in the same category's. Then to go above and beyond you can get your Ph.D for post secondary level teaching and research jobs.

Salary: 77,690$ yearly


Where can you work in the U.S being a marine biologist?

You can work with the local government, aquariums/museums, colleges and university, and even private research laboratory conveniently located on the coasts and beaches all around the U.S.