This Week w/ Ms. Werth

Sept. 21st - Sept. 25th

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A Message From Our PTO

This year our Blackburn Blast is going to be better than ever with NEW inflatables, NEW games, a DJ, and our favorite restaurant - PDQ!

In order to help make the Blast fantastic, PTO is asking for your help. If you have an item that could be donated for our silent auction or if you or someone you know is interested in being a sponsor please contact the PTO as they would love the support!

Math and Science

This week in math we've been spending a substantial amount of time on understanding and solving word problems using numerous methods. We've looked at situation and solution equations, comparison bars, tree diagrams, data tables, equal-share drawings, and arrays, to name a few. One thing I have been trying to stress to students is the importance of reading each word problem carefully, identifying the actual question, and information provided and then using whichever "tool" in their "tool box" works best for that problem and them in particular.

This week in science we've been reading about various types of natural disasters and their effects on the earth. I'm also excited to say that we have started a research/technology project spanning this week and next in which student will research a specific natural disaster that occurred in the United States and present it using technology (more specifics to come at a later date including a link to access their final work).

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The Leader in Me

This week we have been discussing the importance of understanding and practicing the first three habits (Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, and Put First Things First) in order to build a strong foundation as a leader of ourselves and subsequently our choices. Once we have a solid awareness of those three habits we are better able to implement those ideas into our relationships at school and at home, allowing us to better interact with others.

To put it simply, this habit states EVERYONE can win and there is value in balancing courage in getting what you want with consideration for what others want as well.

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Important Dates

  • Thursday, Sept. 24th - Curriculum Night (6:00-7:00pm)
  • Monday, Sept. 28th - Great American Fundraiser Kickoff
  • Friday, Oct. 2nd - Workday - No School
  • Friday, Oct. 2nd - Elementary Night at Fred T. Foard Football Game (7:30pm)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 13th - Great American Fundraiser Ends
  • Tuesday, Oct. 13th - PDQ Night (5:00-9:00pm)
  • Friday, Oct. 23rd - Blackburn Blast
  • Monday, Oct. 26th - Workday - No School
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28th - Report Cards

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