Technology Tools In the Classroom

Integrating Technology for the Enhancement of Education


Mindmodo is a way to map out thoughts in an online setting, which in turn helps students to better organize their thoughts. Student constantly just rush through their work and often times make careless mistakes. However, with mindmodo I can have a topic and then I can have my students contribute to the main topic of my content area. Students can record their voice, type notes, insert a pictures, etc. This a way to better collaborate with students to help them see the perspective of their peers. This a great way to build confidence in students who are hesitant to working in pairs in class.
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Khan Academy

Khan Academy gives me the opportunity to upload my class roster. This gives me the opportunity to differentiate instruction with Algebra 1 students. Some students my feel comfortable with the material and others may somewhat confused but not totally lost, and others might just be lost. Khan academy gives me opportunity to have my students watch instructional lessons on the material and then assigning them to play a review game. We can rotate the students between this and whole group and then small group instruction. Another way for students to feel confident using technology is assigning them a discussion topic in which they post their collaborative efforts under the discussion board and then they come to an agreement of what they feel the final response should entail.
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Online white board, which allows real time response from peers. The is a great tool for those students whom need to collaborate with they peer when working something out. Scribble allows real time edits on uploaded documents or pictures. This is would be a great way to collaborate with peers and get real time feedback on an article that is posted. The possibilities are truly endless with this tool. In my Algebra 1 class, this would benefit the students if they needed enrichment for multiple students. Heterogeneously grouping the students to test multiple strategies on their process of thinking out the solution.
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