Thanks for your Support!

Have a great summer!

We have the best parents and staff!

Without the support and help of SVMS parents and staff we could not provide as many activities and enrichment to our students. Our PTSA is lucky to have you all!

Please take a moment to thank these parents!

We could not have had such a successful year without the additional help from a set of parents. Natasha Ontiveros, Shannon Harris, Karole Morehead, Amy Reames, Amanda Anderson and Selina Garcia have gone above and beyond this year for your SVMS Eagles and we couldn't have done it without them!

SVMS Field trips supported by your SVMS staff and PTSA

Activities provided from your support

Companies that have helped our Eagle students and staff this year

Snowie KC: Snowie KC is a new company we have worked with this school year. They are accommodating, friendly and helpful. They have shown their support at the Battle games, and also for other special student events at the school. We love Snowie not just because they are fellow Eagles (they have students at Heritage), but also because they are willing to support our fundraising efforts. If you see Snowie while you are out and about this summer let them know they are our first choice for snow cones! They do tons of private and public events so check them out if you need a Snow Cone Truck,

Rancho Grande: Rancho Grande has helped us with multiple Teacher appreciation meals and snacks throughout the year. They are always on board to help out a local school and their food is delicious! The next time you stop by for some amazing tacos let them know we appreciate their support!

HyVee: Our Liberty HyVee has been very helpful with organizing teacher meals and is always ready to give the schools in the district a good deal. We love our Liberty HyVee and are thankful for their support!

Culver's: Culver's is hand's down our best restaurant night fundraising effort. They give us a portion of the proceeds from a four hour block from their entire sales. That ends up being a good chunk of change that goes to helping out the PTSA. Let Culver's know the Eagles appreciate their support the next time you stop in!

CiCi's Pizza: Cici's pizza has been a huge help to the PTSA this year. We ventured out into the concession table business and Cici's was more than happy to help us out with their pizza as one of the items. It was so popular that we went through four large pizzas in less than half an hour. We were so grateful that they were willing to help us out. Let them know that we appreciate their support for our Eagles next time you drop in to get pizza!

Funky Monkey Gourmet Popcorn: This is the second year that Funky Monkey Gourmet Popcorn has helped us out with our Field Day popcorn. They are extremely easy and friendly to work with and have a quick turn around time. If you haven't visited their store I highly recommend it. We ordered their gourmet butter popcorn, but they have combinations and flavors in their store that I had never thought of. Their popcorn is always fresh and delicious! If you stop in to visit let them know that we appreciate their support of our SVMS Eagles!

We are thankful to our local restaurants and businesses for their support to our Eagles!

End of the year celebration

We are having a very laid back and easy going celebration on May 23 at Rancho Grande. If you want to come by and give feedback, meet some parents from SVMS feel free to join us!

Once again-THANK YOU! And have a great summer! for any questions or comments