The god Artemis


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who were Artemises parents

she was the daughter of Zeus and her mother was leto.

brothers and sisters

she had a twin brother Apollo and her hunter for the silver arrow.
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what was her title

she was the god of hunting and nature.
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what was her weapon of choice.

her weapon of choice was the bow and arrow because she was the the god of hunting.

what were her sacred symbol's

  • the golden bow and arrow
  • deer
  • and plants

special power

she could sneak up on animals with out them knowing

and she could communicate with them.


she loved to teach her brother how to hunt and she enjoyed being in the woods/outside.

background stories

her six birthday wishes were:

1. To be able to live life chaste.

2. To be able to be a lifelong bachelorete and never marry.

3. A bow and arrow like that of Artemis’s

4. Hunting dogs to assist her hunting.

5. Stags to lead her chariot.

intresting fact

All wild animals were afraid of her especially deer.

That is why she had to sneak up an the animals.

roman name



Fred bear BY: Ted Nugent