The Glorious Carson

Concieving perfection is impossible, but you can get close

"Who am I"

I have skills of an artist. I have studied the philosophy of others to understand others points of view. I have a proficient/advanced I.Q. I am mostly interested in drawing, video games, internet dwelling, and what not. I enjoy derpy things. Most of these things may need to be consitered if I want a career that I will enjoy.

Career as a musician

I plan on having a career as a musician, because I can easily create a tastful melody. I also have good rhythm. I am proficient in vocals, trumpet, and piano. The salary depends on popularity. The job includes writing music, recording music, visiting diplomats, and performing music. The struggling thing about it is being responsible with your popularity so you don't end up like Justin Beiber. Having a great education is very important for almost any decent career.


I am not completely sure of what college I might attend, but some musicians didnt need to go to college. If any college I might pic something like uofa for a bachelors degree, but it depends if I get a great score on my ACT's test. I am aming for a 30 so that maybe the college might let me in for a small price.