Three Blind Mice

There once were three blind mice who lived in a farmer's house. One day the mice wanted to prank the farmer's wife. The farmer's wife did not take pranks very easily and killed one of the mice. The two mice at first did not understand what was going on because they could not see until the mice that was being killed screamed for help. Horrified and terrified the mice called the police. When the police came the farmer's wife immediately confessed killing one of the mice. The police arrested the farmer's wife. The police told her that if she can not afford an attorney she would be given a public defender. The farmer's wife was brought to a court hearing. The judge decided to not let the farmer's wife release on bail since she was a flight risk. The farmer's wife's attorney felt that she should be released on bail since her verdict was guilty. The farmer's wife felt like there was no reason for a grand jury or a petit jury since she was already going to jail for a felony. Also she knew that the two mice were a witness to the murder. Also the mice would never risk their freedom to go to jail for perjury. Since there is no need for a grand jury there is also no indictment. The farmer's wife wanted a plea bargain but the public prosecutor refused to give her one because they think she killed the mouse for malicious intent. The judge ordered the date of the sentence for prosecution and the defendant to know at the arraignment. The subpoena was issued for her to come to court. The farmer's wife was convicted and sentenced to jail for 30 years. The farmer's wife accepted her sentence and felt no need for an appeal.