Google Classroom Basics

Creating, Sharing and Working in Google Classroom

Creating your class

To create your first class go to and sign in as a teacher. Then, you will click the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner and click "Create Class." When you click create you will be taken to the homepage for your new classroom!
This is what the screen will look like after you give your class a title, a section, and click create.
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Adding Students to Your Google Classroom

There are two methods for adding students to your Classroom, but the easiest way is to have them use the unique class code that is created for each Classroom that is created. All you have to do is have students access Google Classroom (either through Apps, or, sign in as a student, and click on the same "+" you did. But, instead of creating a Classroom they will click "Join Class." Once the students click join class, they will be prompted to enter the unique class code you provide to them. They will automatically be enrolled in your class.
The class code will show up on the left hand side of the class home page.
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Creating Announcements in the Stream

"The Stream" is the element running right down the middle of the page. There are two pieces that you can add to the stream...Announcements and Assignments. In the stream, new items are placed at the top and everything else is pushed down. Announcements allow you to include any combination of text, links, Google Drive items or YouTube videos. You can also push an announcement to one, multiple or all classrooms you have created.
This is what a finished announcement would look like in the stream.
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Creating Assignments in the Stream

The second kind of content you can add to the stream is and Assignment. In many ways, assignments will look exactly like announcements - with a couple of distinct differences. Just like announcements, you can add attachments, add items from Google Drive, add YouTube videos and links from around the web. You can also post an assignment to multiple Google Classrooms at one time. But, here are a few things that are different:

1 - You will be asked to create an assignment title and have the option of adding an assignment description as well.

2 - You can set a due date/time.

3 - And most importantly, when you include a document from Google Drive, you will have the option of setting the document as "Students can view file" (all students viewing the same file), "Students can edit file" (all students editing the same document) or "Make a copy for each student" (a copy for each and every student, including their name).

This is what the assignment looks like in the stream.
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Creating Questions in the Stream

A new feature to Google Classroom is that you can add questions to the stream to stimulate classroom discussion. The interface to add a question looks very similar to the interface for adding announcements and assignments.

Reusing a Post

One great new feature to Google Classroom is the ability to reuse a post that was previously used in another Google Classroom.

Email Students

One of the nice things about Google Classroom is that you will have the ability to quickly and easily email any/all of your students with just a click or two. You will no longer need to create a class contact list in your Gmail as Google Classroom will create it for you.
One of the nice things is that the email you send to the class creates a blind carbon copy to all recipients, meaning those receiving the email will not know who else it was delivered to.
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Email All Students

Google Classroom Calendar

Another new feature to Google Classroom is the fully integrated Google Calendar functionality. You can now see all upcoming assignments on a Google Calendar view.