English Texans

Push Factors

England had become crowded hence more houses and markets were being built.

Also, the farming land was rapidly vanishing, thus causing farmers to have no place to put their livestock or any land to farm. This caused them to lose a lot of money and often to go broke. They also left because the new crowds had brought rowdy gangs of people causing the English to fear for their families.

Pull Factors

Texas attracted the English for many reasons. The traditional English, who were farmers realized that Texas had a lot of land for a cheap cost. The land was also fertile and there was space for livestock. Since Texas was a State of the Union, the English thought that they would be protected by the mighty army and navy.

English Settlements

When the English came to Texas, the Panhandle had just become part of the state. So the land was deserted. The English bought about 3 million acres of land for a ranch called XIT. Although the English were not a majority in any settlements their customs passed throughout the areas near the ranch, where they lived. The other settlement was in Dallas. On the way to the ranch some of them got tired and settled in Dallas while the rest moved ahead. English Texans also went to Waco. They went there because Peter's Colony's remains were still there and fellow English people, former citizens of the colony, still lived there.

Culture Highlights

Many of the early English Settlers left because of the rough weather and terrain conditions. However they gave us many of the foods, stories, and games we have today. By the time the English left they created a food item called the "apple pie". They also created the games: leap frog, tag, jump rope, polo, horse riding, and pitch the horseshoe. The stories and folklore they gave us were The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.The English were responsible for the starting of Literature and Arts. They also brought the popular concept of traveling theaters and music programs. Lily Langtry was a very famous actor at the time. She got the cowboys to adore her and actually had a town named after her called Langtry Texas. English Common Law became widespread in Texas and everybody from Alamo hero, William B. Travis (when he was a lawyer) to Judge Bean who represented law of the "West" adapted to these laws.

Significant Individuals

Joseph Heneage Finch

  • Left England to escape Divorce Scandal
  • Became major business man in Texas
  • Owned a ranch near Big Springs Texas
  • Started a hotel and bought a saloon (bar) there and by doing so he helped populate the rather small area
  • Played a major role in starting the cattle drive buying a little more than $40,000 in cattle and sold them after his death only at$750

Anson Brothers Claud,Frank, and William

  • Claud invested in cattle east of San Angelo starting the cattle trade in Central Texas
  • Their brother Billy was the greatest promoter of quarter horses
  • Billy bred English Sires(Male) and Texas Mires(Female)
  • The horses were so incredible that during the Boer War (1899) in South Africa the British there started a contract with the Anson Brothers with the Brothers
  • The Anson Brothers shipped over 20,00 horses to South Africa
  • They also started the sport of Polo in Texas
  • The Anson Brothers are remembered as promoters of horses in Texas

Trivia (Did you know that...?)

  • Did you know that between the years of 1865 and 1890 the English bought over 23 million acres of land?
  • Did you know that the many from all the land purchases helped fund the building state capital in Austin ?
  • Did you know that the English introduced barbed wire, electric fences, steel windmills, deep wells, dipping vats?
  • Did you know that the English money was a huge helper in Texas recoveingr from the Civil War?
  • Did you know that by the end of the 1700's 60% of all Americans were of English descent?
  • Did you know that there were 6 minor emprassarios before and after the revolution that were of English Descendant?

Culture Group Affects Analysis Paragraph

The British affected Texas in many ways. The English helped start the cattle revolution by making horses common (Anson Brothers) and by making cattle available (Finch) at a cheap price. Another way they helped the cattle revolution was by creating barbed wire and the electric fence.English . The English bought about 23 million acres of land. Some areas like north Texas, Waco, and Dallas were populated by them.The English affected Texans culturally as well. They created the games young Texans play like tag and Polo. Stories told at bedtime like Cinderella were created by the English. They helped create our "Cowboy" identity through thee horse breeding and cattle selling.Texans affected us culturally by passing down English Common Law.English Texans used English Common Law, a set of laws created to make sure everybody had equal rights, as a reference to modify the states laws. By doing so they created a system where Sam Houston and Billy Bob Joe were treated the same There is a society called the Texan Anglo Society which is dedicated to educating Texans about the English culture. Many of the workers in the ranch are of English descent. Much of Texas's culture and identity derived from the British.

English Texans still exist today through out North Texas and celebrate traditional English festivals to this day.

English Affect on Texas (Analysis)

I strongly believe English immigration helped Texas. The English helped prepare Texas for the future and helped develop the cultural identity we have today.

The contributions to the future they made are listed in the following sentences. They created inventions such as the electric fence and barbed wire. Without those inventions, keeping cattle in one place would have been impossible. The land purchases they made (of over 23 million acres) helped spread out the population and funded the project of building the state capitol in Austin. The Anson Brothers made horses available to all Texans. Without the horses, Texans would not have been able gather all the cattle or communicate effectively. An English man named Finch helped cattle become available to everyone, which later started the cattle drive. Their biggest contribution to Texas was helping war torn Texas, pay it's debts after the Civil War. Another big contribution the English made was the passing down the concept of English Common Law which helped Texans create a less biased judicial system.

As you can see English immigration helped Texas by creating new laws, starting the cattle revolution, and helped pay off major debts. In conclusion I believe that English Texans had a very good affect on Texas.

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