Going Green

Earth Day 2015 Wednesday, April 22

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day originated in 1970, when environmentalist Gaylord Nelson started working harder to raise awareness about the environment. When Nelson was elected to the Senate, he tried to entice Congress to put the environment as one of their priorities, but this was to no avail. He then proposed April 22 as a “national day for the environment” to the public. More than 20 million Americans participated in Earth Day, and Nelson’s goal was a success. This inspired a political target on the environment. Ever since, millions of people have celebrated Earth Day across the world each year on April 22, helping save the world in many different countries.
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EarthFest 2015

Friday, April 24th, 9:30am-2pm

580 Meetinghouse Road

Ambler, PA

Celebrate Earth Day by learning about the environment and how to protect and preserve our planet at the Temple Ambler Campus!

Practicing the Three R's of the Environment

Ways that I can reduce, reuse, and recycle include using products again instead of throwing them away, reducing my amount of waste, and recycling more everyday products. more specifically, I can...

  • Save water by showering for a shorter period of time and turning off the faucet when I am not using the running water.
  • Prevent more air pollution by carpooling with friends and walking or biking to places near by.
  • Reduce paper waste by typing on a computer or on my iPad instead of wasting paper.
  • Reuse materials such as clothes and shoes that are still in good condition by giving them to a charitable organization that will provide people who need clothes with them.
  • Drink from a reusable water bottle instead of buying new plastic ones and throwing them out.
  • Be more careful about looking for a recycle sigh\n on a product's label.
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Facts About Our Environment

Did You Know...

  • The average North American uses 700 lbs of paper every year! This adds up to about 465 trees per person each year.
  • One glass bottle an take over 40,000 years to decompose if not recycled.
  • Only 1% of plastic bags in the United States are recycled.
  • Just in one person's lifetime, using a cloth bag would save 22,000 plastic bags from being used.
  • Turning down the thermostat in your house by 1 degree will save your family 8% of the heating cost.
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